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    After Crash of Raid IRST is working and sees my new drives. What to do in Win7Pro Disk Management?


      My raid crashed and I have to build a new one. I installed newest version of Intel Rapid Storage Technology 3.0.01184 and it works fine. Two new drives are in and recognised by the IRST. I did "create new raid" and tagged the two new drives. They are listed now as raid members. This will be a raid 0 with two seagate 3TB drives.

      What I don't remember, it's been several years, is what steps I have to take in Win7-64 disk management utility to make it all happen on the Windows side. Couldn't find that anywhere. I hope someone here remembers.

      Thanks,  Audioeditor   Asus P9X79 WS running Win 7 Pro 64-bit.