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    Intel 330  frequent "frozen" state message - but can access the drive(new, unpartitioned)


      I have a 180GB 330 series SSD brought 2years back which I yesterday connected to my PC so as to install Debian Gnu/Linux.  I haven't even put a disk partition table(MBR/GPT) and the SSD is "untouched". I booted gparted live cd and ran hdparm -I /dev/sda and it showed:




          Master password revision code = 65534


          not    enabled

          not    locked


          not    expired: security count

              supported: enhanced erase


      I power cycled and secure erased SSD and everything went fine. Then, I hoped everything is fine. but, when I try gparted live for partitioning, I ran hdparm -I /dev/sda again, and it shows the same "frozen" message. I have a dying 160GB Sata Seagate HDD and a Asus DVD RW(Sata) also connected to the motherboard. Motherboard is Intel DH67CL1(bios updated to latest).

      Additional details: BIOS - AHCI mode, UEFI(available,not activated).


      My doubt is, whether the SSD is bricked/DOA or if I can unfreeze and install Linux hoping SSD will not freeze again? Below is the SMART details for the drive: