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    Sending e-mail with Edison?


      Is there any tool already available on Edison to send a pre-formatted e-mail? Or would I need to open a connection with mail port somewhere to send it?


      Thank you, Sulamita.

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          Hi Sulamita,


          I haven't tried it yet but I would use Python to do that task. Here is a site that might be helpful to start: Python emails examples


          Have a nice day!




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            Haven't checked whether the Python mail modules are available for Edison. You might try installing from iotdk/ repo otherwise. Might work.


            Other alternatives: "mutt", "sendmail", "mail". You'd have to compile those.

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              If you want to get mailx onto your edison, there's already a recipe present in the edison source package that you can bitbake to make an installable package.  This involves setting up a Yocto build environment so you can bitbake the package. It might be a bit involved, but the good thing is that it opens up the possibility of install a lot more packages on your Edison.


              • Get the Edison SKD and the "Edison Linux Source Files" from here: Edison - Software Downloads
              • Install those as per the documentation.
              • Then, to make a git package do 'bitbake mailx'. This will create mailx_12.5-r2_core2-32.ipk in .../edison-src/build/tmp/deploy/ipk/core2-32
              • Copy mailx_12.5-r2_core2-32.ipk on to your Edison board
              • Run 'opkg install mailx_12.5-r2_core2-32.ipk'.


              You should now have the mailx command available for your use.



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                I built mailx_12.5-r2_core2-32.ipk and 'opkg install mailx_12.5-r2_core2-32.ipk' completed no problem. But, when I try to send mail, I always get ". . . message not sent. Does mailx require other packages?


                /usr/sbin/sendmail: No such file or directory

                root@MyEdison:~# "/home/root/dead.letter" 9/216

                . . . message not sent.



                Thank you,




                Edit on 10/14/2014


                I'm sorry, I had not researched well.

                I found msmtp in the yocto packages. It seems a mail client and it created a link /usr/sbin/sendmail -> /usr/bin/msmtp, too.