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    How to use Deep Color with HD Graphics 4000



      I've created a photography workstation with the following:



      -NEC MultiSync PA241W


      For graphics, I'm using the integrated HD Graphics 4000 in the CPU, and am using a Display Port cable.  Everything claims to support deep color, but the display drivers only indicate True Color is available (24-bit color depth).  How can I enable deep color with HD Graphics 4000?


      The following indicates that deep color is supported by HD Graphics 4000:




      NEC Monitor information specifying deep color support with Display Port connection:

      [http://www.necdisplay.com/documents/ColorBrochures/PA241W.271W.301W_SpecBrochure.pdf | http://www.necdisplay.com/documents/ColorBrochures/PA241W.271W.301W_SpecBrochure.pdf]


      I am using Windows 8 Pro x64 with 8GB RAM, and have specified in the BIOS to use 1 GB RAM as graphics memory.  I do have all the latest graphics drivers and firmware.