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    Cannot access BIOS for my NUC




      I have a Nuc Kit D54250WYK. It is working fine but since I bought it, in the beginning of this year, I noticed that its fan has a high pitched noise that bothers me. Well, I've been tolerating it so far but then I decided to research about it and I found that there may have a setting in the BIOS to adjust the minimum speed of such noisy fan.

      So I go and try to access the BIOS. I cannot!

      NUC is connected directly - via HDMI cable - to a modern 72" Sony TV so a "tip" that I found about connecting it directly to the TV - and not through a receiver - does not help because it is already directly connected to the TV. Then I research further and I find this page:

      Intel® NUC Boards and Kits — Cannot access BIOS setup with F2 key

      and it says that the problem may be solved if I update my BIOS. Then I download the new BIOS and try to run under Windows (8.1 Pro). I get the message that BIOS cannot be updated due to unsupported BIOS. I have no idea what this means!?


      Anyway, I cannot use F2, I cannot use F7 (to update the BIOS), I cannot update the BIOS via Windows directly, and then I cannot change the setting that hopefully would make my NUC more silent.


      By the way, I also connected the NUC to a Dell U3011 monitor, because I thought that maybe the problem is the TV but even under the U3011, no way, cannot access BIOS.


      What to do? I am lost, upset, angry. Something that I was expecting to spend 2 minutes to solve has now taken hours. Not expected from an Intel product.


      Thank you.