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    OpenGL regression after updating to




      I just updated to the latest Intel HD drivers, and while mostly I've seen performance increases and overall less glitches (at least with D3D), I just found a clear regression with OpenGL support.


      An open source program called Dolphin (found at https://dolphin-emu.org) supports both D3D and OpenGL backends on Windows systems. While D3D runs fine for me, I've tested the OpenGL support every now and then. And OpenGL worked just fine with previous stable drivers (May 2014). Now with latest drivers I don't get any video output when OpenGL is selected, only audio plays fine (i.e. program itself is running fine). Just a black screen.


      The program is mainly used for emulation, but it runs also "homebrew" programs/games that can be found at wiibrew.org . These free programs can also be used for debugging in this case.


      I only tested one other OpenGL based software, which seemed to work, so this isn't a total breakage of OpenGL (it would have been noticed before, I know )


      I'm really excited that you've added OpenGL 4.3 support and the drivers are clearly evolving, and setbacks like this are inevitable. This still suggests some kind of incompatibility with the OpenGL drivers, and I would highly appreciate if some of the developers looked into this. Are there any other known incompatibilities that are being worked on..?