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    ASUS PB287Q 4K Monitor with D54250WYK


      This monitor seems to be getting a mountain of praise from all reviewers, especially in terms of its very reasonable price. I have had one on order for over 3 weeks now but the backorder seems to extend another week every time I look.


      Has anybody tried the PB287Q with the D54250WYK? I have read that the PB287Q arrives with only Displayport 1.1 enabled and you need to change this to 1.2 before you can get the full 4K experience. I am hoping to get 4K at 60Hz on my D54250WYK but I would be keen to hear of other experiences anybody has had with 4K monitors as well.

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          Hello Crhendo,  I would like to inform you that we are working on this system combination since it looks like customers are able to get 3840x2160 resolution but @ 30hz instead of 60hz.


          Please check the following thread where other customers are reporting this behavior.   We already sent this to our engineers, but we are still waiting on a resolution.  D54250WYK, Samsung U28D590D, 4K-resolution not working    

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            Thank you for letting me know.


            In another thread in the community an Intel Rep suggests that they demonstrate 4K connectivity all the time at trade shows. Are you able to discover how these connections are demonstrated?

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              can you send me that link please? I would like to check it out.

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                Hi, here is the link I was referring to.


                I now own a PB287Q and can confirm that it runs without any problems at 3840x2160 @30Hz. I guess the trouble I have with this is that Intel has always advertised the D54250WYK as a 4K device. If you look up the definition of what 4K is you will find that it clearly states that 4K is either 3840x2160 @50Hz (PAL) or 3840x2160 @60Hz (NTSC). In recent weeks Intel is now carrying on about H and U class processors with only the H (ie HD5200 IRIS) supporting true 4K. For example, my Gigabyte BRIX 4570 happily runs at both "true" 4K resolutions


                Perhaps it is time you came clean and simply said that no current NUC device will ever support true 4K!

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                  OK sylvia_intel you have had weeks to "check with engineers", recommend BIOS upgrades and explain how to install the latest graphics drivers. The time has come to tell the whole Intel NUC community that (albeit regrettably) they have been duped. None of the current range of NUC's in fact support 4K output. The best you can hope for is 4K at 30Hz.


                  I guess I will keep bumping this thread to make sure that it remains near the top so that poor unsuspecting buyers don't waste their money if they are looking for HTPC quality 4K.


                  Perhaps it is also time that I start separate threads on the Win 8.1 memory (and Win 7 it seems) error messages for headless NUC's since I think I started that thread months ago. And then there is the USB 3.0 boot errors that were meant to be fixed by 3 successive BIOS upgrades. Not to forget all the poor consumers who have failed to make reliable connections using unknown remote apps like TeamViewer, Splashtop etc etc.


                  Or, perhaps just one thread titled "Buyer beware, read this before spending any money".


                  Last chance Intel.  

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                    You may look at this, it might help. Is D54250WYK really capable for 4K videos?