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    I want my 7260AC adapter to do this:


      I connect wirelessly to a TP-Link dual band Archer D7 device, which has both 2 and 5GHz bands. 


      In some areas of the house, the 5 band reach and reception is poor.  Connected to that band, I might see single digit speeds, never more than 20 or 30 Mbps, while the 2 band will be getting 180-240 Mbps.


      What I want is to be able to give each band the same SSID name and PW and have the wireless adapter switch bands in order to optimize connection speed.  I've tried this and it doesn't work.  It stays connected to whichever band I get it connected to no matter where I go with the laptop.  It will stay on the 5 band until reception is so poor that the connection drops.  Similarly, if I'm on the 2 band it will stay there even if I walk right up to the modem where I should be seeing 866.


      I have to give the bands separate SSID names and connect separately depending on where I am and according to what speed I should expect to get in that particular area.


      Is there a solution to this that I'm not getting?  Adapter settings that would enable what I want?  I've played with roaming aggressiveness and band preference, but maybe I haven't hit on the right combo.  If you're reading this and you can do what I want, tell me how, please.


      This is for a ThinkPad T440p with the 7260AC part and the current driver direct from Intel.