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    4k 3840x2160p in 60hz, anyone succeeded???



      Has anyone been able to change the res to 3840x2160p 60hz with intel drivers ? as soon as I enable Displayport 1.2 in my Dell UP3214Q monitor all hell breakes loose, at least with the latest drivers I dont get BSOD, Is intel working to fix this???

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          What OS are you using? Also, can you give me the details of your system?




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            ASUS Sabertooth Z87 with the intel hd 4600, windows 8.1, is intel working on a fix for this problem?

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              Does anyone know if it`s the Intel graphic card driver that causes all the problem not be able to use 2160p in 60hz ? or is it the Dell monitor, or a combination of both? someone said this at the Dell Community

              "I've yet to hear a testimony from someone who has gotten 3840x2160 @ 60 Hz (DP 1.2) working properly at all with an Intel HD graphics chipset"

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                I do not have the Dell display you are using however I have a Samsung U28D590 and it displays at 3840x2160 @ 60 Hz with no issues.


                What Graphics driver version are you using? Is your DP cable 1.2 compliant?








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                  I have the latest beta driver, if I use an older one I get BSOD, yes my DP Cable is 1.2 compliant,I would like intel to try there drivers with the Dell UltraSharp UP3214Q and see if they get the same problem as all others from dell community

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                    @ KlasBell, We are investigating the BSOD issue and will post updates to this thread. Question, does your system have the latest BIOS update form the manufacturer?





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                      If you mean the SABERTOOTH Z87 motherboard BIOS so yes it`s v 2004, Have INTEL tried the combination of SABERTOOTH Z87 iGPU INTEL HD 4600 with Dell UltraSharp UP3214Q monitor ?

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                        I think Robert_U runs a CPU that is capable of HBR mode as the Samsung is a SST display, whereas the Dell is an MST display (the dell presents itself as two displays of 3840x2160.. it is up to the driver to piece the two together). In addition, the Dell screen is buggy (half screen not turning on, display not returning from sleep) but they are now shipping a new revision that's supposed to be better (REV A01) and should handle AMD and nVidia display drivers properly (nVidia also added some workarounds in their recent drivers to handle the buggy A00 revision).

                        Intel however is another matter... as the Dell is a display that needs MST mode, it doesn't matter whether your intel CPU handles HBR mode (and thus could drive the whole 3840x2160 as a single display), your Dell screen will always appear as two screens. Lacking driver support for this mode of operation (you'll find older threads on that topic.... no responses from intel, just "we're investigating"), you have to operate your display in collage mode. Turn on DP 1.2 mode and Windows should show you two displays of 3840x2160. You should then be able to chose clone or extended mode and to turn on collage mode (needs a recent driver). However, at least here (I have a Gigabyte NUC with an U4500.. so no HBR mode even if the display supported it), depending on which mode you chose, the box will just crash (even turned into a crash loop once where the box just wouldn't boot until I set the screen back to DP 1.1 mode).


                        When I chose clone and want display 2 before display 1.. I lose one display and the driver goes back to single display mode. In extended mode, sometimes it works, sometimes it reverts back to single display mode. In collage mode, I have display 2 at the left, 1 at the right and cannot swap the order thus everything is completely messed up (my 3840x2160 display starts in the middle of the screen, then wrapps from the right edge to the left edge making collage mode completely unusable). Oh yeah, and then there's the half picture issue at times and the screen won't return from sleep either.


                        Note that the behavior can vary according to display revisions.. so I hope intel will finally get two of those beasts (REV A00 and A01) and fix their drivers. The latest core generation is advertised as offering 4K support, and given that half the screens out there operate in tiled mode, the drivers properly support that.

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                          I can not get my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 I7 512G with intel HD 5000 grahics to work at 4k 3820x2160 60 hz. with a Dell up3214Q 4k monitor. I have the same issues as onther posts describe. Displays 1 or 2 side by side windows  at 60hz dp 1.2. But cant get 1 full 3840x2160 @60hz window, only at 30hz. Very frustrating. No fix from Dell or Microsoft. Maybe Intel issue? I will be sending back Dell monitor within the next 2 weeks to get refund unless Intel/Dell/Microsoft can come up with driver that works at 60hz 4k.

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                            Can someone at Intel please explain why you can`t get 3820x2160 at 60 hz with the Dell 3214Q 4k monitor ? is it the driver or the monitor? or both?


                            My system

                            ASUS SABERTOOTH Z87

                            Intel Core i7-4790K

                            Dell 3214Q 4k monitor

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                              Hi guys,


                              Based on the specifications of the unit it seems that the maximum resolution of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 I7 512G in single external display is 2560x1600 at 60 Hz for i3-based model and 3200x2000 at 60 Hz or 3840x2160 at 30 Hz (known as 4K Ultra HD) for i5 and i7-based models. Here you can check the information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Surface_Pro_3



                              NOTE: These links are being offered for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Intel of the content, products, or services offered there.



                              Our drivers and your monitor are capable of handling 4k resolutions but in this case the system is limiting this feature. It is also important to say that our drivers are specifically for laptops and desktop systems so the driver may not work properly for tablets and it is necessary for you to contact the manufacture to get the special drivers.


                              Kevin M

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                                Well your drivers don`t work with my Dell UP3214Q monitor, is Intel even working on a fix or something?

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                                  @ Klas, Could you verify the following driver resolves the issue?


                                  32 bit version:



                                  64 bit version








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                                    Yes it works! now for the first time I can get 60hz at 3840x2160 on my Dell UP3214Q monitor, BUT it`s still very buggy like... 60hz is the only framerate available in almost all resolutions, one must customize new fps, and Intels controlpanel says 60hz but windows 8.1 controlpanel says 30hz, but I can see it`s 60hz, as the mouse pointer lags much less then with 30hz, it also messed up the standard windows profile look of colors and sizes of text and Icons

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