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    Inside the Blue: A Community Project


      Inside The Blue is a first-of-its-kind project from Intel designed to engage and empower the Maker Community. Using concepts and design schematics created by Intel, Makers can build robotic creatures that use the GPIO functionality of the Galileo board to help visualize the invisible waves that surround all of us. The creatures will fly, float, wiggle, light up, live, and die as they help us visualize the un-see-able — make the invisible world, visible.


      We began with a beta team, featuring some of our country’s most creative Makers and tasked them with helping us launch Inside The Blue. Now, we’re making all of their discovery open to the public and inviting the community to take part in the project. We’ll be hosting high-profile events, establishing support networks and looking to celebrate individual Makers as we all join together to build this community.


      Inside the Blue is inspired by metasystem transitions and the idea of the evolution of cybernetic lifeforms. Visually we went low resolution, with a nod to the New Aesthetic.

      The first two creatures have tutorials attached so you can replicate and expand their functionality:

      Inside the Blue - Brain Coral

      Brain Coral Tutorial: Introduction



      Inside the Blue - Signal Fish

      Signal Fish Tutorial: Introduction




      Let's show the world what you are making.