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    What are the electrical specifications of the SATA power connector on the NUC?


      Hi everyone,

      I am currently developing an embedded system using the D54250WYB.  As part of this, I would like to use the internal SATA power connector to drive a bespoke circuit which is to be installed inside the case alongside the motherboard.  I have looked at the technical documents for the board, and cannot find any information about the maximum current which can be drawn from the power pins on the SATA power connector. (From the datasheet, I do know that there is no +12V supply provided from the connector - this is fine)


      Could someone at intel let me know what the maximum continuous safe current draws from the +3.3V and +5V pins on the SATA power connector are?  Is this current limit affected by power drawn by peripherals elsewhere on the NUC Motherboard? (e.g. equipment fitted to the PCI Express Full-/Half-Mini Card Connector)


      Thanks in advance,