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    DN2820FYKH stopped detecting SSD




      I purchased this NUC from Newegg about a week ago.

      I installed OCZ Vertex 2 60GB SSD and 4GB of memory.

      I updated Bios to latest version 034.

      I tried several OSs to checkout performance as HTPC. I used OpenElec, Windows 8.1 with MC, Xubuntu with XBMC, Mint..etc...

      Finally I settled on OpenElec. I had it up and running for a day and half. I was able to shutdown and reboot system all these time.

      So when I restarted system one more time to take care of configuration changes, it won't start any more.


      Very first time it gave me error of BTMGR is missing show I rebooted to check BIOS.

      I opened up BIOS and SSD is not there. After that it always indicates bootable disk is not present.

      Here are few things I tried.


      1. Reset all BIOS settings to defaults (F9).

      2. Try to boot from USB flash drive. (This works).

      3. Tries changing SATA mode to IDE hopping that would somehow solve the problem, but it didn't.

      4. Reset all BIOS settings to defaults (Except turning off the Network boot).

      5. I also tried checking BIOS after letting it sit overnight (Just to see if heat was an issue). Still no luck.


      It does detect memory without any problem. Keyboard also works as I am navigate in BIOS.


      As I am reading on the forum. This seems like is not the first occurrence of similar problem with the box.


      Any help is appreciated. I really like the product but if I can't use it then I may very well have to return it.

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          I had exactly same problem.

          So I tested boot by using a SATA cable from my desktop.

          Connecting the cable with SSD and plugging another side to NUC board.

          And SATA power cable was came from my desktop.


          In this condition, SSD was recognized successfully and worked with full speed.

          But with embedded SATA cable and power cable, it did not work properly.


          However, when I pull out the two embedded cables from cable holder is attatched to HDD slot, all problems are cleared surprisingly!


          I don't know the reason why it works.

          Anyway, this trick is effective to me.

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            Thank you for the reply. I tried that but didn't work.

            I also plugged in SSD to my desktop. It didn't work over there as well.

            So somehow NUC killed my valuable SSD.

            So I installed OpenELEC on USB drive and it works.

            I also purchased a new 1TB HDD. See how that one goes for next couple of weeks.