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    N7260 isn't able to connect to my router (DIR-615)


      It has been a long issue with N7260 and intel's incapability to solve this after months...


      Not sure if this is another new case, but i recently just got this problem connecting to my room's router. I tried connecting to a cisco router everything seems fine, but when i tried connecting to my main room's router which is a dlink DIR-615 router, it just doesn't work. It is able to work with Skype, but not dropbox or the browser... It's pretty irritating.


      I've tried another device to connect to my room's router, it worked fine. Right now I'm using my phone's tethering to send this discussion hopefully someone is able to help me resolve this issue..


      It's really a pest not to be able to connect to my own's router which has a faster speed.