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    Both monitors blank at startup, only when HDMI monitor connected g45/g43 chipset


      Gateway DX4820-20c 6 months ago.  Windows 7 Ultimate OS, 6G Ram.  Has G45/43 intel graphics onboard chipset.  VGA and HDMI output.  HDMI configured as primary, VGA as secondary, extended setup.  Updated all Intel drivers including video driver.  HDMI monitor is Toshiba 40" TV - VGA monitor is FHX2300. This is what happens:


      1) VGA monitor connected only - startup is fine, display works.

      2) VGA and HDMI connected - both monitors blank

      3) HDMI connected only - monitor blank

      4) VGA monitor connected only - startup OK, then connect HDMI, then HDMI comes on, and both work fine.

      This is the only way I can get both to work.  Unplug HDMI, start with VGA, wait for bootup, then connect HDMI.

      5) reconfigure VGA primary, HDMI secondary - same problem occurs.


      Other computer system can bootup and display with HDMI monitor connected, but not this Gateway system...?


      Thanks for any solutions/suggestions.