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    How to connect the D54250WYK to a monitor without wires?




      I am new to this forum, and would like to solicit the community feedback to make the best choice for my use case.


      I plan to purchase the D54250WYK, and I have budget to purchase a new monitor (note: I don't want to purchase a TV with HDMI port, but truly a monitor without a TV tuner). I am looking forward to purchasing a monitor with touch screen technology, so that I can use Windows 8 with gestures.


      I want to be able to move the monitor freely inside my room (in a radius of 3m). I first thought attaching the D54250WYK to the back of a monitor with the VESA plate adapter, but then I realized that there was almost no monitor on the market with touch screen technology support, with a stand and a free VESA mounting space. Also power was an issue, especially I would have to power off the NUC each time before moving it to a different electrical plug.


      So I understood that I had to leave the NUC in a fixed location in the room, and find a solution to connect to the monitor, and still be able to move the monitor around.


      An obvious solution is a very long mini HDMI to HDMI cable, so that I can move around the monitor in my room, but not very practical.


      I then thought that I could use my Chromecast plugged in my monitor's HDMI port and use the Plex app for Chromecast to stream my video to the monitor. Would that work?

      But the limitation with Chromecast is that you cannot really use it as a cable replacement and mirror your screen (at least not now), you are limited to the Chromecast apps.


      Then I ran into this WiDi thing, which I understand is a way to stream media wirelessly and does not require a cable between the computer and the monitor. Sounds cool, but a few questions:


      - what module do I need to add to the D54250WYK to enable WiDi connectivity to a monitor?

      - is WiDi reliable / stable ?

      - what 24inch or 27inch WiDi enabled monitor would you recommend? (note: I don't want to use an adapter on the monitor)

      - how far away from the NUC can I move the monitor and still have connectivity?

      - what 24inch or 27inch WiDi enabled monitor do you recommend? (note: I don't want to use an adapter)

      - are there any WiDi enabled monitors that support screen touch, so that I can use gestures on the screen, even when the monitor is connected to the NUC (Windows 8) through WiDi?



      Most of my usage is watching videos (through Plex), browsing the web, office, etc. No games, no heavy duty.


      I welcome your experience feedback with wireless connections between the NUC and the monitor.