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    Help with setting up SAS/SATA in SR1550ALSASR



      I bought Intel server SR1550ALSASR and I have been struggling to set it up for three weeks.


      The seller told me that the server takes either 2.5" SAS or SATA, so I first bought 2TB of SATA but only to realise that whereas the embedded RAID sees the disks, the BIOS doesn't. The server has 'Active SAS/SATA Mid-Plane'. I also bought SAS disks and tried that too but again, the embedded RAID can find the disks but the AMI BIOS F2 Setup doesn't show any disk.


      I have many years experience of setting up and using servers, and they usually take me a few hours, but this Intel server has been a nightmare to set-up.


      What could I be doing wrong:


      1. I have updated the BIOS and firmwares.
      2. The SAS are made by HP; and SATA are by Seagate, but none is seen in the BIOS Setup screen.
      3. On POST, I can see the disks light on briefly.
      4. I can configure both the SAS and SATA disks in the embedded RAID (using RAID 0).
      5. I try to set up Linux using LVM (instead) but this failed too due to the disk detection.


      I wonder what is different about this Intel SR1550ALSASR server from other servers that I have used and still use.


      Thanks (and excuse my tone).