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    Intel HD Graphics 4000 All-Around Extreme Lag, Especially Gaming


      I am having difficulty with a laptop with the following specs:


      Processor: Intel i7-3537U 2.00GHz - 2.50GHz

      RAM: 8GB DDR3

      Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000


      My problem is one that I have found on your site, but has always been redirected or marked as answered (falsely, as it has not been fixed).


      In MineCraft, I am experiencing extreme lag. It gets worse EVERY TIME I get on, and I am now down to about 9 fps maximum with full settings. Turning down the graphics settings has no effect on fps at all, even with minimum I have a limit of about 10 or 11 fps. I used to get 30 fps with the same launcher and same version with max settings. If you can help, please do as I doubt MineCraft will even be playable in a few days. Mind you, the problem is not limited to MineCraft, and other games and even normal applications are slowing down over the course of time. It seems as if my graphics card is slowly sinking into the ocean of slow .


      I am experiencing these issues with or without other programs running, and with or without Razer GameBooster closing background applications. I have avast! free antivirus which has detected no malware on my computer. No modifications have been made to the PC, and I am running the most recent version of the graphics driver for Windows 8.1, which I am running. My laptop is a Samsung ATIV Book 4.


      Please help, don't redirect. Yes, I am using the most recent version of the MineCraft Launcher. Yes, I am using the latest graphics driver. Yes, I have tried every fix I have seen. No, none of them work.