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    Driver crash & recover after login / HD4400, Win8.1



      My computer has a security policy applied (since it syncs with Exchange) that forces the system to go back to the login screen after a few minutes of inactivity. So, then when I'm not using my GB-BXi7-4500, after a few minutes, the display goes into power save mode and I get the lock screen. When I return, I move the mouse, the display turns on again and I have to login in. Now, about one out of 4 times, I get to see my desktop after the credentials were accepted for less than a second, then the picture turns black, then after a second or two, I get picture again and notification message (eminating from the intel driver taskbar icon in the lower right) telling me that the GFX driver has crashed and has been recovered.


      This happens only in this scenario, in about one out of 4 times I re-login, never on a full login (after the machine has started).

      It happens with both the latest drivers ( and the previous version (

      Needless to say I'd like to avoid those crashes.

      I can provide logs/traces/whatever needed to get to the bottom of this.