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    BlueStacks Screen Flickering Bug Fix?


      Hey everybody, I have a big question that I have to ask you guys. Normally I can find the answer relatively easily to things like this, however this one is stumping me.


      While using BlueStacks App Player, more specifically Clash of Clans, I get a strange bug where some entities begin to flicker, I do not know the origins of this bug for dell computers, I was easily able to fix a similar issue on my old laptop, which ran a NVIDIA graphics card, but this Intel one just doesn't have the same adaptability in the properties interface as the old one.


      In the Device Manager, when looking at the Display Adapter section, this is what pops up, I also have other windows open to see if maybe it would help you to solve the problem.Screenshot (1).png

      I have a video of what is happening also if you don't already know what it is like.


      It isn't very noticeable in this video, but it is old, and it is really bad now.


      Thanks in advance,