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    Intel SS4000-E keeps shutting down


      Dear all,


      my SS4000-E NAS keeps on shutting down and i have no possibility to access or copy my data. hope you can help me out.

      System boots up and after 5 min it automatically shuts down. I've changed the network and power cable, both cooling fans are working fine, no firmware update done recently, etc.


      Any ideas to solve the issue?



      - RADI 1, 2x 1GB Drives

      - Firmware:   fs-bc - 1.4-b710

      - System Log:




      May 23 09:19:03ISystem starting up
      May 23 09:12:33INetwork connection restored (Port 1) (1000 Mbps Full Duplex )
      May 23 09:12:14IDynamic network address now [eth0: ]
      May 23 09:00:52INetwork connection restored (Port 1) (1000 Mbps Full Duplex )
      May 23 09:00:33IDynamic network address now [eth0: ]


      - Both cooling fans are working fine

      - No Harddisk error, Harddisk status Yellow.


      Other possibilities:

      How could i copy the data from one harddisk to another PC/NAS? Do i need an extra controller?


      many thanks in advance,



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          Since you're running a RAID 1 mirror, each disk should have the same data on each disk. There's some "magic" you can do to see a Linux* partition with Windows*, but the definite easy way would be to put the SATA disk in an external USB disk carrier and plug it into a Linux laptop/system and copy the data over.


          The SS4000-E storage system software 1.4 provides greater than 2TB storage space by mounting multiple Linux type xfs data partitions, i.e. /nas/NASDisk-00002, /nas/NASDisk-00003 and so on. So, for instance, the public folder would be at /nas/NASDisk-00002/public. If I remember correctly, the user folders will be at something like, /nas/NASDisk-00003/gabriel.


          Here's some hints if you need to use a Windows system:



          Good Luck,