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    Issues with NUC 54250WYKH1 "seeing" my secondary HDD and external DVD


      I purchased a NUC 54250WYKH1 and having some issues.  I have installed Windows 7 Pro and all of the windows updates on a 240gb SSD.  I have installed a secondary HDD for more space (WD 500gb "Blue"). The main problem I am having is that the second HDD does not show up in my Computer.  I can't access it to save anything.  Here are a couple of weird parts.  The drive does show up in Bios and on windows in the Devices and Printers screen but I can't access it to save anything to it.  I also am having problems with my external DVD writer as it has trouble staying connected and visible in the Computer screen as well - it flashes in and out of the screen, and sometimes just never shows up at all.  I have downloaded the most up to date firmware for the DVD writer and it still does the same thing, but it will usually finally hook up after a few blinks in and out of Computer.  Has anybody had this issue?  Help would be great, Thanks!