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    How to install vPro


      I am about to order new notebook computers that come with Intel Core 2 Duo procossors, up to 4GB of SDRAM, 965GM chipsets, Intel 4965n Wirelss LAN, and internal Bluetooth. I wonder what hardware to specify inorder to use vPro in our system.


      We have a Linux based server. I anticipate twelve branch offices that will VPN into the server. What should I do prepare for installing vPro?








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          Best to check with the hardware supplier (OEM, channel reseller, etc) regarding the system's support for Intel vPro... Intel AMT at a minimum


          If you have yet to work with Intel vPro - a few documents have been posted within the Intel vPro Expert center.  in fact - just today we posted the "Simplifying Provisioning" whitepaper - http://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-1323


          With the branch office are connected via VPN to the site\location hosting the central server - do the client systems negotiate the VPN connection, or all of this handled by the network infrastructure?  I'm guessing the later - thus the clients don't have to negotiate VPN tunnels by themselves, and the environment essentially has a virtual extension to other locations. 


          What client management solution are you using?  Intel vPro is an enabling technology complimented by the client management software (e.g. SMS, Altiris, LANDesk, etc).  If the environment is all UNIX based (client systems included) - take a look at http://www.openamt.org/


          Likely more questions to be answered... start with reviewing the resources on Intel vPro Expert Center  (http://communities.intel.com/community/vproexpert?view=documents)

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            Regarding ordering new notebooks - how should I specifiy vPro capability  to OEM?



            Regarding adding vPro to existing desktop computers - how should I specify the board needed to equip the desktop computer with vPro?



            In rpely to your question, " Do the client systems negoiate the VPN connection? "    The branches use DSL to connect to the Internet  and most use 2Wire gateways which provide Firewall and both wireless 802.11g and ethernet cable connections. Our workstations are connected tothe LAN by cable and notebooks by WiFi, all  clients are immediately connected to the LAN ( Internet) as soon as they are turned on.  To connect to the central server a user need goto Network Connections, click on WAN Miniport, and enter a password.  The connection is immediately created. I don't know ifit ois negotiated.  From My Computer a user can click on drive letters that are mapped to directories on the server.  This seems to be working well.  However, soon a new dimensuion will be added.  We plan to start using  Blackberry Enterprise Server and IM to a mobile work force.



            In reply to your question, "What client management software are you using?"   None ... selection time has arrived.












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              Hi kcav45.  In regards to the notebook & desktop.  You should specify Intel Centrino with vPro Technology & for desktops Core2 Duo with vPro Technology.  If you know the specific OEM I can share the specific model #'s. 


              In regards to your console - what consoles have you already looked at?  


              Josh H

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                The notebook we are considering buying is made by Jetta International, model 9720P.



                The Linux based server operationg system is called Nitix from Net Integration Technologies. 



                There are numerous workstations all running Windows XP; some made by Dell, others by HP, and others that we assembled ourselevs.









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                  I looked up the Jetta International model & I don't see any mention of vPro Technology w/ their Centrino Duo system's.  I'm contacting Jetta to ask if they are offering Centrino with vPro Technology.   


                  For Dell - Optiplex 755, Latitude D630c

                  For HP - 2510p or 6910p are vPro Model's

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                    I followed your suggestion and contacted Jetta and specified Intel Centrino with vPro Technolgy. They replied that model 9270P did not have vPro but upgrade will. 



                    Also, I asked If they could provide information on how to use the IGB  of Turbo memory that is on the mothrboard.  They directed me to Intel website.   I am considering installing Seagate, Momentus 5400 PSD, 160GB internal Hard Drive that has flash memory for fast boot.  Also using an external eSATA hard drive that connects with eSATA cable to PCI card. Any help you can provide will be appreciated.



                    Here are the specs for model 9720P:



                    • Screen - 15.4" 1280 x 800 WXGA Wide Screen Glare



                    • CPU - Core2 Dou 2.4 800FSB socket P



                    • Memory - DDR2 667 2048_2 (4GB)



                    • Chipset - Intel® 965PM Express



                    • Intel® Turbo Memory 1GB






                    • LAN - Broadcom 5786 Gigabit LAN



                    • Intel® PRO/WirelessTM 4965AGN Network Connection



                    • Internal Bluetooth



                    • Modem - Internal Modem with MDC 1.5 solution V.92/56Kbps; V.90/56Kbps






                    • Supports (1) Serial ATA II 2.5" (9.5mm)



                    • 3 x Mini PCI-e, 1 x ExpressCard