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    Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2200 "device not plugged in"




      Yesterday my laptop (lenovo z580) dropped wi-fi connection. My computer stopped recognising the wireless device. I tried updating my Intel PROSet to the newest version, hoping it would install the newest driver, but nothing changed.


      In the device manager, in the tab with network cards, the Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2200 is shown as a "hidden" device and in properties it shows up as "device not connected to the computer (code 45). I didn't open the case, so I couldn't disconnect anything.


      I'm using Windows 8.1 Pro. The driver that shows up in the device's properties is I tried updating the driver also via the drivers tab in properties but nothing happened. I also tried restoring system to the restoration point made about a week ago, when the device worked okay, but it also didn't help anything.


      What else can I do to try and fix the problem? Is it software or hardware issue?

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          Hello Mr.V, it could be a hardware issue as indicated here. Did you try uninstalling the driver from device manager and restarting the computer?

          Another option that can help identifying the issue is to run Intel® PROSet’s Manual Diagnostic Tool.

          Intel® Wi-Fi Products — What are the Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility menu options?

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            Thank You for Your answer,


            I had similar issue in december, I tried uninstalling the driver then, but it didn't help. After restarting system still didn't see the device and didn't try to install drivers back.


            Back then helped system restoration, but the issue reappeared after using wifi a while. It seemed like wifi device was somehow overheating, as not using the laptop for some time made it reappear after turning the PC on.


            I suspected that the problem might be connected with software problems in OS, so I reinstalled my Windows a couple of months ago. Until now it worked fine, but the problem returned.


            I have used the Manual Diagnostic Tool and it returned an error after the first check, saying that the device is not found. The same that the error in the device manager said.


            I tried restoring system, reversing driver to previous version and actualising it.


            The issue resolved itself today (2 days after the problem occured), after failed waking from hibernation (system froze, had to hard-reset the PC, I have no idea what changed...). The device was detected. I used the fact that the device is recognised and immediately updated driver to It works for now, but should the problem reappear I will post an update.


            For now the wifi works, I have the connection to the Internet, but the system shows that the connection is limited" and the PROSet shows the status "connecting". Diagnostic tool claims that there are problems with the last check (ping).


            One last question:

            Could the Avast! antivirus be causing those problems? Are there any known conflicts with it?

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              This seems like a hardware issue, perhaps power related or the card could be loose inside creating false contacts. I would have the system manufacturer take a look to it.

              I am not aware of any conflicts with such antivirus program but you may try a different one if needed. Most of the times, conflicts can appear if the system has multiple real-time security programs running.

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                The problem has reappeared. The device is again not detected and the error code 45 is shown.


                The manual diagnostic fails at the first check, with message "no wireless device found".

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                  I'm using only one antivirus.


                  I just powered off the machine, took the battery out and opened the case, then I checked the cables connecting to the wireless device (luckily it's the module that is easily accessible in my laptop. After that I closed the case, powered up the PC and the device got recognised.


                  I think the most probable in this case is that the cables could be slightly loose and moving the computer might cause problems with connection. I'm going to give the laptop to the shop to get it checked properly.


                  I will mark the thread as "probably solved" for now. I will post an update if the problem occurs again and whether checking the cables helped again.


                  Thank You for Your help joe_intel!