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      • 15. Re: HDMI output not being detected with Intel HD 4000



        I am sorry but I honestly don’t understand the last part so can you elaborate more on that? What I understand is that the Sony TV works fine but the LG is not, is that right?


        What do you mean with the HDMI going to power saving?


        I apologize for asking again but it is not clear for me.

        • 16. Re: HDMI output not being detected with Intel HD 4000

          Hi Kevin,


          thanks for your persistent support. yes, you understood it right.


          What I mean for power-saving of HDMI port, both on the PC side and on the monitor side. If PC sends no signal to HDMI port, OS may decide for power saving for the port(like WiFi?), and if no signal comes to monitor, it will display power saving too. Those are my guess, please correct me if wrong.


          On the other side, I notice( see picture) the display mode list of HD4000 is of max. at 1366 by 768, which is not correct for HDMI display capacity(1920x1080), so would that be a problem, the external monitor deny to response? rgs


          And what I want to add is, Windows 7 is much easier to reconnect ext. monitor through HDMI, even if once problem comes.

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