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    Trouble with updating HD4000




      I'm trying to update my HD4000 for my Asus UX32VD. However this is turning out to be rather troublesome.


      I'm running Windows 8 x64 with my HD4000 (Also have a 620GT M)


      I've tried downloading the generic ones from the Intel website, that gives me the message "This driver is not validated for your system" error. I read that I should try downloading the .zip file and install through the Device Manager, that just says that my driver is currently up to date.

      That seems weird since the newest drivers are from "Date: 11/20/2013" version "", the ones I currently have installed are from "Date: 21-08-2012" and version "".


      I looked at the drivers from the UX32VD support site on Asus, but those drivers are even older. How can I get the newest drivers? Or am I missing something?


      All suggestions are welcome!


      - Jens



      When using the Intel Driver Update Utility it only shows my GeForce 620GTM, but it doesn't give me my HD4000? I have to find the manually.