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    Linux VM pre-configured for Galileo BSP building - released


      UPDATED. The VM was released, I'm renaming the post and leaving the initial contents for the background.

      The VM is available at https://susestudio.com/a/Ng4RLG/galileo-build-appliance-gnome


      === initial post ===

      Hello everyone,


      Looks like I can't create a poll, which would be the most suitable thing here, so let's go with plain old forum thread.


      Looking at the problems people face while trying to build the Yocto-based Linux images out of BSP, I've got an idea.


      What if you had a pre-configured Linux VM with all the necessary development tools (like git and gcc) and prerequisite packages (like texinfo) already installed, with BSP main package (or packages - e.g. all three current versions at once) already downloaded and verified to compile without any problems?


      Would you be interested in having something like that? Please cast your vote in this thread. If the interest is high enough I can prepare something like that and keep it updated as the BSP versions come out.

      === end of initial post ===

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