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        No, just add rule to firewall for service "C:\Windows\System32\WUDFHost.exe" - Allow IN\OUT connections for TCP and UDP protocols. Ports: All




        Would you mind explaining this? You lost me here. Thanks! At least I feel like I'm not heading in the right direction.

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          Something tells me that this is the official solution to this problem is the firewall, but I think what might be causing your problem Frod is allowing the actual connection in the firewall setting not just the port. I'm not a firewall wizard, but you see where the attempt was blocked, like with my firewall I have mcafee I went to the my network connections, well to elaborate from the beginning I had to check the security history to see what connections were being blocked, then when I matched the ip address to the time of the attempts I went to my home network in firewall settings, saw the ip connection range and changed the rule from work to home to allow the connection. Hope this helps.

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            I'm not understanding the last couple of steps. I just bought this computer and it came with WebRoot Antivirus......if I installed this, am I safe to turn off McAfee Firewall? Or are these two completely separate things?


            Turning off the firewall makes it work just fine, but I can't figure out how to allow Netgear Push2TV to be allowed through the firewall. I'm so close, and can't quite figure out the complete solution.

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              This is the simple thing I did call your antiviruses tech support and they will make it happen.

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                Sorry not your antivirus whoever is the company for your firewall call their technical support and they will get the connection allowed.

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                  They are two completely separate things one is just an antivirus program and one is a internet security suite.

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                    Please refer to this thread if the Intel® WiDi connection with the (LG) HDTV drops after a moment.


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                      I have Same problem ....I think it is windows errors or incompatibility .....

                      when i was using windows 8 it was Ok with my NetGear P2TV 3000 >>>> when I update to 8.1  ... It stopped working ( in both situation if i use old drivers of wireless and WiDi or the latest) .... but i'm not facing any problem if i disconnect my WLAN internet connection ...... so I can use only one connection ( WiDi or Wireless internet ) But not both !!!!!! 

                      I didn't try to update Intel graphic card because I'll face screen monitor brightness problem with win8 or win8.1 ... i have to use old driver !!!!!!

                      It seems that there are a lot of conflicts between hardware and windows 8 and 8.1 because I lost the ability to use two fingers touch on the tap as right click after I updated to win8.1


                      But the other major problem I found in WiDi technology is that when i open any 3D game while i'm using WiDi i'll hear only the sound from tv but what appears is only damaged picture ( colored dotted lines) ...... It seems like that the WiDi connection speed is very low and can't handle gaming ...because If I use cable to connect to TV I can run any game in any resolution I want .......


                      Please i need solutions .... at least for solving connecting to TV through WiDi without need to disconnect Internet WLAN Connection

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                        Anas, I replied in the thread you created: https://communities.intel.com/thread/48613

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                          I have 2 problems.

                          First of all, I can't install the drivers from the download center anymore. I get an error saying "The driver is not verified by the computer manufacturer."

                          It doesn't matter if I choose the latest driver, or the one from October.


                          Second, earlier when I was able to install the latest driver from the download center the sound dissappeared every time I connected the computer to my PTV3000. It works for 5-10 minutes and then dissapears.


                          I am using Windows 8.1 64-bit on a Samsung NP540U3C.


                          What should I do? I have tried to change to firmware version on the PTV3000, but the problem remains.

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                            I Have a Vaio Pro, WiDi compatible, upgrade to windows 8.1 and it does not recognize my widi adapter.

                            tried everything, but nothing work.

                            TRied installing the new graphics version from Intel, but says it's not possible, to contact Sony.

                            WIDi utility tools does not install,Say it has a connectivity problem.

                            what can I do?If it is a problem with the version of the graphics driver, I hace to expect untill Sony releases it?

                            MY oder laptop, W7 goes wonderful with WiDi.


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                              The latest Samsung F series Smart TV firmware is 1120 which came out late January 2014. Since this firmware version the method of using Widi version 3 or 4.1 is no longer working.


                              Adding a wireless display through the charms bar is now working for me with the crippled 30hz quality and all.


                              I had to uninstall every other piece of software which installed network adapter devices (VMWare, VirtualBox, etc). I had to disable network connection sharing. I had to disable the Windows firewall. I had to give Widi every chance of working and every priority of all other software. Pretty wiping every other thing that is interfering with it.


                              So now I am able to use the wireless display option through the charms bar all for a 30hz display quality. I don't know why we are going backwards technologically.


                              If you have a Samsung F Series TV do NOT upgrade to the 1120 firmware unless you want to be stuck with a 30hz display. Not worth it.   



                              Edit: I spoke too soon. There is another catch. It only works once then I have to go into device manager (show hidden devices) and remove all relevant widi devices. Then reinstall the wireless driver software and the graphics card drivers. This is not useable at all.

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                                We've also got problems getting WiDi/Miracast running on our Fujitsu Lifebooks(HD4000, Centrino 2230) with Windows 8.1.

                                We have installed the most recent drivers for graphic and wifi card and can connect to our Miracast Adapter(Netgear PTV3000) but the driver crashes after a random time; sometimes directly during connection, sometimes half an hour later. Windows Event log shows me the following event:

                                • Microsoft-Windows-DriverFrameworks-UserMode, Error 10110: A problem has occurred with one or more user-mode drivers and the hosting process has been terminated.  This may temporarily interrupt your ability to access the devices.

                                Followed by two 10116 events.

                                One is for the "Microsoft Usbccid-Smartcard-Reader" and one for the "Push2TV"; both drivers are offline and won't work until a restart.

                                Is there any solution for that problem? I've tried different combinations of wifi/graphic drivers, but none worked completly.

                                Btw. I'm using this driver version:

                                • Intel HD4000:
                                • Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230:

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                                  For the ones having trouble installing Intel® HD Graphics driver, it is possible to use the manual installation method with the .zip file version of the driver, instead of using .exe. As the message in “Caution” note indicates, sometimes it is just better to use the driver provided directly by the computer manufacturer.

                                  Desktop graphics drivers; How to Manually Install a Driver in Microsoft Windows 8* or Windows 8.1*

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                                    RegnorM, I am not sure of the exact cause of the error but could this be an operating system issue considering it affects the "Microsoft Usbccid-Smartcard-Reader"?

                                    It may help deleting the PTV3000’s profile from Windows* so it will be added again on a new connection but the cause might be located at a different level.

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