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        I'm seeing the issues on Dell e6410's. We've got about 200 of them, strangely, only about 10 users have reported the issues (perhaps others are just living with it).

        ·         When transferring large files over the network I’m seeing several problems. Either a stop-error (machine locks up), the file transfer locks up (Explorer.exe crashes), or a BSOD with memory dump, and the machine reboots.

        ·         Crashing while surfing the net - Either a stop-error (machine locks up), or a BSOD with memory dump, and the machine reboots.

        I've tried the fixes suggested here, I think I'm seeing an improvement, but still having the machine lock-up during large file transfers over the network. I want to say thanks to everyone who has contributed to the discussion thus far, and I'm curious to know if anyone else is still having problems, even with the edited driver file.

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          I would like to introduce a different problem I am having with this network adapter on a new Dell E6510 (Win7 32-bit). The issue I am having is internet downloads like to stall at random points, then eventually timeout. The downloads start off very fast then slow gradually until it just stalls. Its very frustrating how often it happens. For example, today i went to the Intel website to check for a new driver version and during the download, it stalled. Tried again, stalled at a different point. Tried a different browser, same issue. Youtube videos will stall, same with internet radio. I did experience bluescreens with one driver version but the latest release from Dell cleared that problem up. But my issue still remains even with the latest 15.7 drivers from Intel.


          Am I the only one with this problem? Any ideas? I'm getting really close to doing a clean install of Win7 to see if that makes a difference but I really dont want to go through that hassle.

          Thanks in advance.

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            Hi 00Hensley,


            Personally I did not suffer from this problem although my system is not Dell.


            From my experience, your problem will most likely to cause by poor connectivity or sometimes your internet gateway issue.


            Would you mind to do a continuous ping test between your system and your internet gateway to see if any ping timeout occurs?


            To start a continuous ping test:


            1. Start - All Programs - Accessories - Command Prompt
            2. In Command Prompt, type "ping -t <Your gateway IP address>" without quotes and press Enter.
            3. Replace <Your gateway IP address> with your internet gateway IP address, for example
            4. The ping will run, and let it run for like 1 minute.
            5. Press "Ctrl + C" to stop the ping test after 1 minute.
            6. Observe the ping test result to see if any ping timeout occurs.
            7. A good network connectivity between your system and your internet gateway should not have any ping timeout during the ping test.


            If you happened to have ping timeout occured in a row, then you might have to:

            1. Check your network cable connecting from your system to your internet gateway, replace another cable if needed.
            2. Check your internet gateway, do a power cycle or reboot if needed.


            If you do not have ping timeout during the ping test, then I do not know what is going on, it might be your system or your internet provider is giving you this problem.


            Let the community know your further investigation result. If you people other than 00Hensley also facing the same issue, please raise it.



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              thanks for the quick response!


              I did a nonstop ping to my gateway, no timeouts but i did have more replies greater than 1ms which I found strange since its on the local network. however I am at work so that could be normal with 160 users.


              I have one other user at the office with the same laptop and he has the problem as well.


              I just thought of trying some packet capturing, maybe that will tell me something.

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                Andrew Mao

                Has this been fixed on the newest versions of Intel drivers in 2012? I have been having this BSOD for a while and only now did I realize what might have been causing it. I updated my drivers and nothing so far yet, but fingers are crossed...

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                  Dick Dunbar

                  Sorry for the long delay;  E6410 customer here, with network connection issues ( Win7,Win8 x64 )


                  Who is your internet provider?

                  Comcast has a nice technique of giving you rapid-boost network bandwidth for small downloads.

                  I'm sure it helps them manage the massive number of connections, but it is also very quick.


                  But ... if your download exceeds their limits, then they revert to "advertised" download speeds.


                  And ... I have discovered Comcast sometimes decides you are an "abuser" of their network,

                  and puts you on a black-list of some sort to slow your bandwidth substantially.

                  This I suspect is to conteract Bit Torrent abuse of their networks.


                  You have to call Comcast tech support and get yourself removed from that list.

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                    Dick Dunbar

                    Yes, me too.   Not always BSOD, but inability to boot ... random corruption of settings that get repaired by MS Network Troubleshooter.


                    The 2010 network driver identified earlier was for a particular Dell Tag number.

                    My tag is different .. the driver did not get updated, so I'm reluctant to install the "off-tag" driver.


                    When Dell scanned my system for driver updates, they did not identify the 8252LM card for update.

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                      I have seen these problems caused by power management software. Uncheck the option, " allow windows to turn off this device to save power."  For me, this solved problem on some 20 different machines with the same issue. To find this peculiar setting, In XP go to control panel, network connections, right mouse click your Network Connection, select properties, then configure, then Power Management, then uncheck "Allow the computer to turn offthis device to save power." Reboot and it should fix problem. This option is a severe driver bug and seems to be the same problem with every LAN Card or Wireless Internet card out there. By default the idiot operating system sets it checked. I go through all 20 of desktop and 10 laptops and uncheck it. NOTE: every time yournetwork card is updated with a new driver it again gets checked, so you must keep unchecking it on all PC's. Good Luck and cheers! Hope this helps. >>> SUCROMATIC

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