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    DN2820FYKH DTS-HD?


      I've setup my 2820 NUC kit, and under supported audio formats in windows 8.1 DTS-HD is not listed. I've installed all the drivers provided in the NUC driver bundle at Download Center , and attempted to install the ME driver at Download Center , but I'm still unable to do DTS-HD passthrough. Is there a driver available for the 2820 that allows this?


      The product spec at http://downloadmirror.intel.com/23417/eng/DN2820FY_TechProdSpec01.pdf lists DTS-HD as a feature of this kit.



      Thanks for any help!

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          Hello Mkholov, according to the TPS of this NUC it does support the following audio technologies:


          • AC-3 - Dolby* Digital

          • Dolby Digital Plus

          • DTS-HD*

          • LPCM, 192 kHz/24-bit, 8 Channel



          At this moment, some products are experiencing audio issues related to HDMI.  You would be able to find additional information on the following link. The information provided was given by an Intel Engineer.  https://communities.intel.com/message/218663#218663


          We are working on getting a new BIOS updated in order to solve this issue. Customers with OEM systems have been able to fix the issue, updating the BIOS to the latest version available and with the installation of the latest graphic drives.

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            Unfortunately, I believe the link you provided describes a different issue than the one I am reporting here. I am unable to get DTS-HD passthrough working at all rather than having it drop out, and there is only one graphic driver and one bios version available for the DN2820FYK that I can see.


            Any other options/suggestions?

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              Can you try the following Graphic drivers and let me know the results ?


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                DTS-HD is still not listed as a supported format, and passthrough still won't work.


                Is there another version of the management engine that might work?

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                  I can confirm with the latest drivers TrueHD and DTS-HD isn't getting passed via Windows 8.1 (no audio at all - image looks fine). If I change the audio track to DTS it works great.

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                    Hi mkholov,


                    I'd like to replicate the issue. To help me configure a system in our lab to match yours as closely as possible, can you complete the configuration checklist at http://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-21212?



                    Lois H.


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                      NUC Model: DN2820FYKH

                      Batch: CNG63CP002

                      Version: H22962-100

                      Serial No: G6YK3520xxxx

                      Bios: Latest (15)

                      OS: Windows 8.1 Enterprise

                      Monitor: Marantz 1503 AV Receiver (supports HD Audio and works great with the older Celeron NUC) / Samsung 1080p TV)

                      Graphics : Latest (from the 1/8 Driver Bundle)

                      Graphics port: HDMI

                      Graphics converter: None

                      LAN device: Wired

                      LAN driver version: Latest (from 1/8 Driver Bundle)

                      LAN connectivity: Gigabit

                      Memory: 4GB Patriot (PV34G160LC9S)

                      SSD: Toshiba 500GB SSHD (MQ01ABF050H)

                      USB: Keyboard/Mouse

                      Software: XBMC (latest overnight build). When connected to the AV receiver DTS-HD nor TrueHD is listed as being supported. Which clearly points to a hardware/firmware/driver issue and not the application.

                      When DTS-HD or TrueHD is the selected audio track there is no audio although the image appears fine. Switching the audio track to DTS and the audio works.

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                        To throw another issue out there... it appears you can't boot off a USB flash drive unless it has a UEFI partition. Regardless of the various BIOS Boot settings... including Legacy.


                        This includes Windows 7 and the current release of OpenELEC. Both boot fine with my old(er) model Celeron NUC.

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                          There seems to be a lack of understanding from the Intel representatives here.


                          So to clarify, the lack of DTS-HD is likely due to no Management Engine Driver available for this version of the NUC.


                          In all other products containing Intel HD Graphics, the additional Management Engine Driver is required to enable Protected Audio Path (PAP) which Windows requires to pass HD audio.


                          Here is the driver for Ivy Bridge NUC's



                          Here is the driver for Haswell NUC's



                          Looking at the driver list for the DN2820FYKH there is no Intel Management Engine driver available:



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                            Escalation Checklist for Intel® NUC issues


                            Problem description

                            • Exact symptoms; error messages; steps leading up to the failure.

                               I.    DTS-HD bitstreaming not possible, DTS-HD not listed under supported formats in windows 8.1

                            • Attach screen shots.



                            • How many systems are affected?
                            • What is the impact? Is it lines down? Is there a time limit for solution?


                            NUC model: DN2820FYKH

                            AA# or SA#:SA H22962-100

                            Serial number(s):G6YK3520XXXX


                            BIOS version:  [FYBYT10H.86A] version 0015

                            Operating system: Windows 8.1 64 bit



                            Monitor or TV make/model: Panasonic 55UT50

                            Graphics driver version:

                            Graphics port used (HDMI, DisplayPort): HDMI

                            Graphics converter/adapter used? (Yes/No): No

                            AV receiver used? Make/model: Denon AVR 1612



                            LAN device used (wired, wireless): Wired          

                            LAN driver version: 8.020.0815.2013

                            LAN connectivity description (switches, routers, etc.): Connected directly to router


                            Other hardware:

                            • Memory (make/model/size/speed): Crucial 8GB DDR3 1600
                            • SSD (make/model/size): Crucial M00 128GB
                            • USB devices: Logitech K400
                            • Thunderbolt devices: n/a
                            • Infrared devices: n/a
                            • Audio devices: n/a
                            • Other:n/a


                            Software (for app problems):

                            Application name and version: XBMC Version 13.0



                            Again, as been posted --  I do not believe this is an issue with the configuration of my NUC but rather the lack of the ME driver.

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                              Have you try audio hd with openelec ? you can make a live usb drive.

                              If the problem is hardware, Intel make a very bad think if the nuc does not support dts-HDMA !

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                                I'm facing this issue too. DTS HD isn't listed as supported format under control panel. DTS HD passthrough doesn't work. Details below:-


                                NUC model: DN2820FYKH

                                Bios version: 0021

                                OS: Windows 8.1 Professional (64-bit)

                                Monitor/TV: Samsung

                                Graphics port used: HDMI

                                Graphics driver: Intel HD Graphics Driver Version

                                Graphics converter used?: No

                                AV receiver used?: Denon AVR-X1000


                                Software: Plex Home Theatre (

                                DTS HD passthrough via WASAPI or DirectSound doesn't work. Video playback at 1-2 fps and no audio when set to DTS HD. Works well when set to DTS.


                                Note that symptoms are very similar to the Netflix issue which I am facing. Other NUC/Win 8 users are facing this too:

                                Re: Windows* 7/8/8.1 Driver (32 & 64 bit) Version 3345

                                Basically, NUC users (not limited to DN2820 users) cannot get Netflix metro 8.1 app to work with Dolby Digital Plus 5.1. This will result in stuttering video at 1-2 fps and no audio. issue is resolved when set to stereo.


                                I hope that intel can address these problems as soon as possible.


                                update: I just updated the bios to ver 0025 and can confirm that the problem still persists.


                                Message was edited by: Mike Crickey

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                                  i've got also the same problem with harman AVR, no HD Audio format

                                  Latest Bios (025) and latest drivers available.

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                                    I just received my new NUK 2820 FYKH. And installed Windows 8,1, 8 gb mem and a ssd disk .

                                    Unfortunately I have the same issues w the sound as the others here !!

                                    Have upgraded the audio HD drivers, but still no sound via HDMI cable . All other machines like Ipad and Acer works towards my Pioneer receiver . Now It reads No device connected. This is a large disappointment as the NUC should be used as a media centre, streaming movies and netflix etc. according to the ads.


                                    Now I need a quick fix or I will have to return the device to the seller w a claim that it dont work ..


                                    What are your suggestions.


                                    waiting for ur response..


                                    att a siu report.


                                    Best rgds




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