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    Just purchased a Nuc


      This is my 4th NUC that I have purchased and when I try to install the OS it tries to boot from the NIC card and fails? My keyboard does not work nor does my CD drive function. I tried to get into the BIOS but since my keyboard doesn't work I am stuck!


      Is there anything I can do to get this functioning?


      This is what comes up when I boot, I have USB DVD drive with Windows disk and my keyboard connected.



      Intel Boot Agent GE v1.4.04



      PXE-E53: No boot filename recieved


      PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel Boot Agent.


      Reboot and select proper boot device

      or Instert boot media in selectrd Boot device and press a key



      Pressing any key does nothing, nor can I enter the BIOS on boot up.


      Please help!



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          By default, if no other bootable devices are seen -- which will be the case with a brand new NUC with a brand new SSD -- the NUC will attempt to boot from a network PXE server (this is something you can disable once you do get into the BIOS).


          When the NUC's BIOS initializes the keyboard, the LEDs on the keyboard will all flash at least once. Are you seeing this occur? If not, then you should likely try using a different keyboard. If the LEDs do flash - and you press the <F2> key when the NUC logo appears on the screen - what then happens? Does it ignore the key press(es) and invoke PXE or does it appear to hang in this case?


          The current BIOSs require that the monitor (or TV) connected support the 1024x768 video resolution. If yours does not, temporarily try using another monitor to see if this is the reason why you can't get into Visual BIOS.



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            Thanks Scott.


            When the NUC is turned on the intel splash screen comes up, the keyboard does not flash but it does light up (steady). I see the options for F2, F10 and so on but pressing the buttons does nothing.


            I also have a USB DVD plugged into the usb port with Windows 7 disk and it does not boot. It always looks for the PXE server.


            I have a monitor that does support the correct resolution. I have set up 3 other  NUC units with both the same keyboard and monitor. I will attempt to get another keyboard but could there be an issue with this unit? Could the usb ports be defective?



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              All of the LEDs? Hhmmm... the CAPS LOCK and SCROLL LOCK LEDs should be flashing on and then staying off; only the NUMLOCK LED should be staying on by default. This isn't necessarily an indication that the keyboard isn't initializing properly, but it's certainly suspicious..


              As a general statement, if you have four identical NUCs all right out of the box and three work while one doesn't, then I'd be pointing the hairy finger at this one...


              If you decide to, you will need to call Intel Customer Support to discuss setting up an RMA...




              P.S. Using a flash stick to install the O/S is a whole lot faster and definitely worth the effort if setting up multiple PCs. There are lots of web pages that show you how to set this up. Microsoft even offers a free tool that will take a Windows installer ISO image and loading it onto a flash stick and make it bootable...

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                Only the Num lock light is on.


                I swapped the ssd and ram from one of the working Nuc's and put it into this unit that is not behaving. It booted into windows (windows was installed on this other ssd) however the keyboard still did not work. I rebooted a second time and I got the blue screen with fatal error code. I booted a 3rd time and it starting loading windows but fatal error again.


                I believe I received a lemon. I will return it to the store I purchased from. It is definitely the NUC.


                Thanks for the help Scott.

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                  I don't think it's the nuc.

                  My D54250WYK also doesn't recognize the keyboard at boot time.

                  It also had problems with my external usb drive (Zalman ZM-VE300, which has a build in function of virtual dvd drive).

                  I configured the bios using another keyboard and installed Windows 8.1 using usb flash drive.

                  Under Windows both the keyboard and the Zalman usb drive works fine (but again, not at boot time).

                  I guess it is just bios compatibility issues.

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                    Finally got it working, it was not a faulty NUC. Although I still don't quite know what the problem was.


                    I used the previous NUC that I had already installed windows on, disconnected  the ssd and ram and installed the empty ssd and ram from the NUC that was not booting into usb. I went through windows install, loaded all the drivers. I then took out the ssd and put it in the device that was not working. It booted into windows and worked fine. I updated the BIOS from windows and now everything is perfectly working.


                    Any suggestions on why this happened?


                    Thanks for the help.

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                      Got the same problem. Bought a new Intel NUC (DE3815TYBE) which freezed during Windows 7 setup. Forced a shutdown und after the next boot, the system did not detect any keyboard (tried with 3 keyboards on all 3 usb slots). In my case, the following steps have solved the problem:


                      # Force shutdown if powered down

                      # Remove all RAM modules

                      # Power on without RAM

                      # Wait for 10 seconds and force shutdown

                      # Put in the RAM back again and power on