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    Intel 1st Gen HD Graphics - Who's to blame?


      This is half question, half rant...


      I've got my hands on a Packard Bell L5800 all-in-one (Manf. by Acer) which someone wanted upgraded to Windows 8.1 from 7.  The machine is only around two years old, has a 1st Gen i3 and HD Graphics.  Overall, everything went smoothly out of the box, but then I realised, it's supposed to be a touchscreen, and it didn't work.  After a couple of days trawling forums and drivers, I accidently uninstalled the in-box Intel HD Graphics driver (Intel HD and low and behold, the touchscreen began to work (all be it at low resolution).  Obviously after a restart, the driver is picked up again and everything is back to normal (with no touch).


      Microsoft's built in touchscreen driver works perfectly.  The Intel HD Graphics driver works perfectly.  But they won't both work at once (except in Linux, unbelievably!).  But here's the kicker... neither Microsoft or Intel will take responsibility for this incompatibility.  Intel has stated it will not be producing further drivers for the 1st Gen HD Graphics, and users will have to rely on Microsoft's in-box solution, a WDM 1.1 compatible driver.  So it's Microsoft's fault, right?  Wrong, according to Microsoft's KB, all their in-box drivers are provided by the 3rd parties.  I'm not sure if in this instance, MS just tweaked an older Intel driver, but either way, both companies are finger pointing, and no new drivers will be forthcoming.  (In fairness, it's worth mentioning that the manf. PB/Acer is also next to useless when it comes to drivers).  Is it Microsoft's fault for the restrictions on drivers it imposes, is it a lack of effort from Intel to blame, or is it the fault of the touchscreen and lack of proper driver there either to blame?


      So, rant bit over, back to a half hearted question... how can a display driver (Intel HD cause a USB input device to stop working?   I can't find any actual driver or hardware conflicts, I've tried all the forums, installing old drivers without signing etc. and after being successful only once, it still knocked off all touch functions (including removing touch options from control panel).  I've seen lots of other people with HPs, Lenovo, etc all stuggling with similar problems, and very few have reported success (usually in the form of butchered drivers for their graphics and/or touchscreens).


      Sorry, this post probably doesn't make much sense!  I've been awake at this for 24 hours now...