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    No blu-ray playback on home-built system


      I've just recently tried to get blu-ray playback working on this media PC, which I built back in 2012:


      • DZ77BH-55K motherboard
      • Core i7-3770K cpu
      • Corsair Vengeance 16GB (currently running with 8GB due to recent memory failures)
      • Crucial 256GB SSD (boot drive)
      • 2 Barracuda 3TB disk drives configured as RAID 1 (media drive)
      • LG BH14NS40 blu-ray burner
      • Windows 7 Pro SP1 64-bit - freshly built this week.
      • Cyberlink PowerDVD 13 Ultra (upgraded from the version 10 software that came with the LG drive)


      I'm using the built-in HD 4000 graphics with driver version

      My management engine interface driver is version

      BIOS is the latest, version 100.


      Cyberlink's BD Advisor software claims that the graphics driver is not blu-ray ready. Both PowerDVD and ArcSoft's TotalMedia Theatre 6 refuse to play blu-ray discs due to copy protection issues. I have tested the system connected to two different displays, both of which my Toshiba laptop can play blu-ray discs to. Same discs, same cables, same displays - playback works from the laptop, not from the media PC.


      I changed the settings in the BIOS to always enable the onboard graphics and use HDMI.


      The only thing I haven't done is to move the blu-ray drive from the controller it's currently on, which is set to RAID mode, to the secondary controller, which is set to AHCI and is where the SSD resides, but I can't imagine why that would have anything to do with it. Interestingly enough, the ArcSoft software begins to play the discs before it decides there's a problem and stops, so I know the data can get off the disc to the display.


      Standard DVDs play fine.


      I'm at my wits end. What else can I try? I feel like I must be missing something terribly obvious.

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          One obvious thing came to mind - roll back the HD 4000 graphics driver. I uninstalled the adapter and deleted the driver, then let Windows install whatever driver they knew about. I now have blu-ray playback!


          The driver that is working is dated 1/5/2012. I don't know if this is the driver that came with the motherboard. If it's not, I'll install that driver later and see if blu-ray still works.


          Bottom line, though, the driver for HD 4000 breaks blu-ray.

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              Thanks, Joe. I'll give that driver a try. I had read through the first article you'd linked. Not sure the second one is applicable to my system.


              Is this a known issue with the driver, or should I keep looking for some other root cause?


              Thanks again.

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                Hi Debbie, I'm having the same problem with blu-ray playback.  I watched a movie on my PC a couple days ago with Power DVD 10.  Since then, my Intel HD Graphics driver was updated to (I'm not sure what driver version I updated from and I also installed other other updates).  I was able to install driver version (overwriting the *3345 version), but my blu-ray playback is still not working.

                My questions are

                1) You say that you "uninstalled the adapter and deleted the driver, then let Windows install whatever driver they knew about".  How exactly did you do it.  I tried going to System > Device Manager > Display Adapters > Intel HD Graphics 4000 > Uninstall (checking the "Delete the driver software for this device." checkbox).  It then says that the computer must be restarted.  However, when I restart, even though something happens with the driver (my screen reverts to a low resolution during the boot screen and for a few seconds on the desktop, it eventually returns to 1080p and when go the the Display Driver in Device Manager, it says I'm still running

                2) After removal, how did you "install whatever driver [Windows] knew about"?

                Thanks for any help

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                  Hi mknutso2,


                  I did exactly what you described in 1 to uninstall the adapter and driver. On reboot, when Windows installed a driver for me, it installed  Now, I had freshly rebuilt Windows, so the only other driver that could have been on my system was the one from the disk that came with my motherboard in May of 2012. If you've been better than me, and keeping your drivers more up to date, maybe Windows has more choices in your case and you'll need to delete a couple of times to get back to the one that was working?


                  The other thing is,  I installed the driver that joe_intel posted the link for, above, and it's working perfectly for blu-ray - and apparently everything else. So giving that a try might be your best bet if it applies to your system.


                  Just for fun, I checked the driver version on my new Toshiba laptop. It is running Win 8.1 Pro and has the HD 4600 graphics. The driver version is It's been playing blu-ray fine all along, so whatever the issue is with that driver, seems it is related to other system components.

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                    Thanks for the specification.  I was finally able to get it to work! I'm not sure why the first time I tried uninstalling the adapter it didn't work, but I got it to work every time after that.  I tried every Intel HD Graphics driver version Intel has on their website for HD 4000, but none of them worked.  Then, I tried version which I downloaded from the Lenovo website for my exact model laptop and it worked! So I'm not sure if the versions of the drivers are different on the Lenovo website and the Intel versions break blu ray playback or what.

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                      Glad you got it to work. It's always wise to get your drivers from the computer manufacturer. In my case, for better or worse, that's me! Today it decided to not boot, until, of course, I pulled it back out of the cabinet and opened it back up. I may never build another computer again.

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                        Troubles continue. With the PC reconnected to the rest of my home theater components, I'm not getting a display on boot up.


                        I have HDMI out from the PC going into a Rotel RSX-1550 AVR, and then onto a Sharp Aquos TV. On boot up, I get no display at all on the TV. If I connect a monitor directly to the PC (HDMI to DVI), I get the BIOS splash screen, etc. I can then reconnect the PC to the Rotel and get a display up on the TV. Note that while I was testing the system, I had it directly connected to the TV and never had a problem getting a display on boot.


                        Occasionally, when connected to the Rotel, the PC fails to boot, getting stuck at E6 or Eb - not sure which way to interpret the LEDs. Occasionally, even when the PC is able to boot completely to Windows, it doesn't connect to the network, so I can't even remote in. Also, since updating to BIOS rev 100, the final code on the onboard LED display is A0. I think I was getting 00 with rev 70, but I'm not totally sure.


                        Anyone have any thoughts about any of this?

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                          Since the main issue was solved, I kindly suggest if you create a new thread for your new issue.