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    Trying to use mPCIe Centrino WiFi with Galileo board


      Hi there,


      I've been playing around with the Galileo board and it works pretty well. At this point I'm trying to use the mPCIe Centrino N 135 WiFi card that according to the release notes, it should work with this board.


      The first thing I notice is that although I'm running the board with an sdcard and the "little linux image that bundles the wifi card drivers" provided on the software downloads section, the card seems to not be recognized (at least it's not listed as a network interface when checking through putty).


      On the other hand, I tried a couple of WiFi examples from the Arduino IDE and when the code runs, it is stopping because:


      WiFi.status() == WL_NO_SHIELD


      BTW, if I remove the WiFi.status() check, then the code stops again on the following checkpoint:


      String fv = WiFi.firmwareVersion();
        if( fv != "1.1.0" )
          Serial.println("Please upgrade the firmware");


      In summary, I would like to know if the Centrino N 135 is officially supported with the bundled "Little linux image" or I need to do something else. I also tried to upgrade the board firmware but the version of the CapsuleApp.efi file that is available for download at the software downloads section is lower than the minimum stated in the quick start guide (it's actually 1.0.0 and should be higher than that as stated in this post).


      Any ideas around?