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    Linux (Debian wheezy) installation?


      Has anyone installed Linux (in my case Debian wheezy) successfully on the NUC hardware?





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          Jwahar Bammi

          Yes, quite successfully running Ubuntu 12.04 (latest)


          Intel DC3217BY (red box)

          Intel N6235 Wireless + Bluetooth

          2x 8G G.Skill CAS 10 Memory

          MyDigital 256GB mSATA


          Display: Samsung <insert model number here> via display port connected to the Thunderbold port

          Random peripherals connected to the USB ports

          All the hardware works. Also have connected to a TV via hdmi and that worked fine. ubuntu picked up all the hardware by itself, so that was a pleasant surprise. I specifically chose ubuntu because of its emphasis on drivers etc as opposed to more raw distros like debian.


          The only thing that was flaky was the board recognizing two sticks of memory (this was before i installed the OS).

          I also Hackintoshed this thing for a bit, have not completed that project (using a 128GB MyDigital mSATA)


          Glad to supply more info....


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            I run Debian Wheezy with a barebones xfce deasktop on my NUC using the USB boot option.  I am happy but will upgrade the kernel to benefit from recent improvements in the graphics driver and ACPI support.  As I am not yet able to enter my BIOS, I found the F10 key helpful to force my NUC to boot what  wanted.

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              I was able to get it now going myself - Thanks guys

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                I've been running into an issue getting Debian 7.x installed on a couple of different NUC models (i3/i5 variants). Not sure if it's my SSD or the NUC itself, but I get an error about GRUB not being able to write to /dev/sda.


                I have worked around the issue for now by continuing through that error screen, and when given the big list of install steps/options, selecting 'Install LILO...'. I'm sure this isn't ideal for most, but since I'm only testing it does the trick for now.