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    Installation of 530 Series SSD in Dell XPS 8700


      Hello Everyone,


      I've just received a new Dell XPS 8700 and it is still in the box. It came from Dell equipped with a 1TB HDD on which Windows 8 is installed along with the other preloaded junk I do not want. I don't have any data on the HDD.  I have also purchased an Intel 240GB 530 series SSD for installation.  I would like to load the OS and other apps onto the SSD and use the HDD for data.  I have watched the Intel SSD videos about installation, data migration, toolbox, etc. and have looked through the community posts about installation.  I am also waiting for the OS install disks from Dell.  I have some computer experience and am looking for any tips/advice to make the SSD install as pain free as possible.  My main questions:

      1. Would it be best to wait for the OS disks from Dell then do a clean install of Windows 8 on the SSD?If so, any tips or steps I should be aware of would be appreciated.
      2. Would cloning as shown in the Intel video with the Apricorn (or similar device) be easier/better?
      3. After the OS is on the SSD, what do I need to do to remove it from the HDD?
      4. I have read that after installing the SSD I need to go into BIOS and make a change to ACHI. Is that correct?
      5. Any other changes I need to make in BIOS to make sure the SSD works correctly and make sure the system boots up?

      Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions you might have.

      Take care,