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    DG45ID Internal video problems


      I just setup the DG45ID desktop board using an analog monitor attached to the DVI-I port and a digital monitor attached to the HDMI port.  Flashed latest BIOS and using latest video drivers.  If I boot with the HDMI display connected, only this display is available.  I cannot get the system to recognice the analog monitor.  If I unplug the HDMI display (or turn off) before a reboot, the analog monitor is available.  If I then turn on the HDMI display, both are available.  Anyone have any ideas about how to configure so that on a reboot, both displays are available?

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          I have two identical monitors connected to both DVI & HDMI. During boot, only the DVI shows the Intel splash screen while the HDMI remains blank. The logon screen is configured to show on the HDMI while the DVI is set to extended desktop. I never had a need to have both displays on simultaneously during boot.

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            I am not concerned about the display status during boot, but I mentioned booting because the board seems to remember the configuration at boot time and will not allow a change after XP has booted.  As I mentioned, if both the analog DVI-I and HDMI monitors are connected at boot, the analog will NOT be available to Windows after booting.  The primary screen comes up on the HDMI connected monitor and I am not able to see any video on the analog display.  Dual monitor operation is not a choice in the Graphics configuration, and I cannot extend my desktop to the second monitor.  While the HDMI monitor does function correctly in this case, an interesting aside is that when booting in this configuration, I get no splash screen on either monitor.  Not even a windows splash screen,  The first video presented is the Windows login page.  However, if the HDMI monitor is not connected during booting, the DVI-I connected analog monitor works as it is supposed to, splash screens and all.  Once Windows has booted, I can connect the HDMI monitor and it will now be available for dual monitor use.  Again, I do not care what is displayed during boot, just that I can use bothe in Windows and that I do not have to unplug the HDMI monitor on a re-boot.

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              An update.  I tried the configuration you have with two digital monitors one connected to the DVI-I connector and the other to the HDMI.  This configuration works correctly.  The problem is when an analog RGB monitor is attached to the DVI-I connector, using only the analog RGB pins, and if the computer is booted with a digital monitor on the HDMI output, the analog monitor will not be available to Windows.  Since there is no splash screen on either ( the primary is the DVI analog) it seems like the card is choosing the digital output on the DVI-I connector, which is not connected.  Hope this makes sense.

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                can u use dvi + hdmi at same time? (using 2 monitors or monitor+hdtv). Did u try it? if u can, tell us please. Thank u.

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                  Yes, I am using the primary DVI connector to drive a monior and the HDMI to drive an HD TV.  This works well.  The problem I was having was to use the DVI-I connector to drive an analog monitor.  DVI-I has both digital and analog.  This did not work well if I wanted to drive an HD TV on the HDMI port.  Two digital devices work great.  For information, I tried many different configurations with the HDMI output.  I used HDMI extenders (cat5e), drove a HDMI 2 and 4 way splitter.  Also, a 4X2 matrix switch.  The matrix switch was the only device the port did not like.  I fixed this by placing a HDMI 2 port splitter before the switch and all is well.  So, blame the switch.  I am currently using this computer to drive 6 HDMI LCD displays located through-out a church, streaming announcements.  The switch allows me to stream live video.  The longest distance is about 300 feet, so the HDMI extenders do their job well.  I have limited the video rate to 720P because of the distance.  I will say the computer, with this board works like a champ in this application.