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    need help with recovering raid 0


      I have just recently decided to switch from a z77 board to a z87 board. I had an intel raid 0 on my z77 board and I thought there might be a way to restore the raid on my z87 board. I had all of my files on a raid so now windows won't let me move because it can't find the desktop file. When I set the mobo to raid mode it still seemed to detect that they are member disks but reports the status as failed and bootable as no.

      I found this online and was wondering if it would work for my situation:


      1. First you gotta delete the array(it will ask u if u want to delete the bootsector, say NO because this will delete all the files from your harddiscs). Before deleting it make sure you write down the stripe number if you can't remember it in your head.


      2. Then you have to reboot, and choose 'Define Array' option. Rebuilt the array using the same stripe number as the array you had before had. When it asks you if you want to format the drives say NO.


      3. After rebuilding the array you have to reboot again and windows will start loading. Before you enter windows it will do a system error check to check for bad sectors etc. I did it and didn't get any bad sectors. When the system disc check is complete windows works just as it did before your array crashed!


      Thank you

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          As you may know, Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology does not offer any options to recover from failed RAID 0, RAID 5 or RAID 10 volumes. In this case the only option it provides is to delete the RAID and create a new one again from scratch.

          One thing I have to mention on the steps you posted, is that they be referring to other type of RAID solution as Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology does not format drives, that is done by the operating system or any other related software.

          What you could try at this point, under your own convenience, is to test some steps mentioned by other customer on this thread:

          [Resolved] Intel Matrix Storage -- FAILED

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            Thank you for the reply.I have one issue with the steps shown, I think I have found a solution but it is only shown done in a linux environment here: Create a TestDisk FreeDos LiveCD - CGSecurity , which I would install but do not want to deal with partitioning it next to windows. I need a way to put the test disk software on a live cd so I can do it without actually going into windows since the windows will not let me move without one of the raids I have set up. If you know how to do this in a windows enviornment I would be vary grateful.

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              You may test using the testdisk.iso and try to create a bootable USB with a software such as UNetBootin to see if it manages to use that iso to create a LiveCD in the USB drive.


              Please be aware that we do not support any of the suggestions offered there. If you have further questions on this, you should check with the software developer or try using another kind of software