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    Issue with intel rapid start



      Sorry for my bad english, i'm an italian user :/


      Hmm..a week ago, i received an Alienware m17xr5 config (windows 8) with an intel 4900qm.


      It's all ok, but i've got a several issue with intel rapid start technology.


      It's all ok, 32gb partition, the IRS software v3.0.0.1008, bios is ok (all activated) and windows is set to suspend the system when, for example, i close the lid.


      IRS is activated and set up with a timer of 120minutes.


      Now..the problem is so strange. Sometimes IRS works, sometimes not.


      This afternoon for example i set the timer to 0 minutes and i closed the lid. It suspended in s3 mode, then wake up..and...boom! Notebook just returned to s3 mode without the switch in s4 on the seed.

      So I unplugged the power and used just the battery, i closed the lid..and..it works. 2 times. s3, then s4 suspend mode to ssd with IRS.


      So..i plugged the power cord, i closed the lid..and..it works! I retried...and...don't work. S3 suspend, it wakes up and seems going in s4 with irs, but not, it just shut down remaining is s3 mode.


      I don't know...is so random. Any ideas? I updated bios and all IRS software.

      Thank you in advance...

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          Intel(R) Rapid Start is a technology that is implemented by the system manufacturer directly on supported platforms. This requires the appropriate BIOS support to achieve this and the Original Equipment Manufacturer has the verify its correct operation.

          If the latest BIOS and Rapid Start software are installed, and the problem is randomly solved, there might be a problem with your system to achieve S4 level.

          You should check on this behavior directly with your laptop manufacturer as they may need to replicate this behavior with the same system configuration and verify that the settings they implemented are working for this system.

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            Thank you.

            Ok, i will send an email to dell assistance explaining the problem and your response.