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    DZ87KLT-75k hard disk password on sata port 0 with additional RAID 1 on other ports - possible?




      currently finished building and setting up my new PC with a DZ87KLT-75k board. The goal is:


      - 1 SSD (Samsung 840 Pro) w/OS

      - 2 HDDS in RAID1


      The HDDs are coming from another machine so I haven't been able to set them up yet.


      I wanted to setup the SSD from the OS in the SATA0 port, as the SSD offers hardware encryption through the setting up of the hard disk password in the UEFI BIOS.


      Now, I had setup the Intel controller as RAID mode in the Bios, while waiting to install the two RAID drives. It seems however, that setting the RAID mode disables the option of setting the hard disk password of the SSD disk. In IDE and AHCI mode the option is available.




      1. Is this normal?


      2. If yes what are the options? Is it possible to set up a RAID1 array in AHCI mode somehow? Or to setup the hard disk password while in RAID mode?


      3. If not, is the Marvell controller able to run in RAID 1 mode? There are no options in the bios to change the mode to something else than AHCI - but maybe that's because there is nothing plugged to it. If it's able to run in RAID 1, is the Marvell controller reliable and as performant as the Intel controller?


      Thanks for the help