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    Intel AC7260 problems


      Hi there, I just excitedly bought 3 AC7260 cards for all our laptops in the house cause we upgraded our router to the RT-AC66U and let me tell you I am soooooo NOT impressed with these cards. They are horrible, I cannot keep a consistent connection with my router.


      Computer #1 is a Dell 7720 running windows 8 and all I keep getting is constant unable to access network page errors that only say on a chrome web page:

      Error code: ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED


      In my intel event viewer I get around 3 lines marked Information..... authenticating wireless profile XXXXX every minute!!!!!! This can't be right???


      Computer #2 is an XPS 15 running windows 7 home and I get the same problems as computer #1 just not as many chrome ERR pages.


      Computer #3 is an Alienware M18 and it consistantly drops the wireless connection too. I had a bigfoot card in there previously and NEVER had any problems with losing wireless connections.


      I'm using all the latest newest drivers on all my laptops and i just can't believe how troublesome these 7260's are. Anyone else actually have a 7260 thats rock solid and if so, how did you do it?

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          I don't have the Wireless-AC version of the 7260. I have the "Intel Dual Band Wireless-N 7260" and I never have any problems or drops with it running drivers. I stream music and 720p videos from my usb flash drive connected to my N150 2.4 GHz router without any intermittent jitters or pauses. At my university WiFi which uses "Aruba Networks" wireless products, I connect at 300 Mbps 5 GHz band and get their full 100 Mbps download speed. Uploads peaked at 40 Mbps at my university.





          I'd say there's an incompatibility with the 7260 AC version with your computers and/or routers.


          Edit: It seems that you're the only one whose having problems with the 7260 since almost all of the people in this thread have no problems with the 7260 AC and they're impressed with it's 35-45 MB/s throughput.


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            Dell7720, the best recommendation at this time is for you to contact the respective system manufacturer since the wireless integration for laptop adapters is subject to regulatory approval due to FCC or similar local regulations.


            Only the system manufacturer is entitled to provide the list of validated adapters that are compatible with your system.


            Intel� Wi-Fi Products; Regulatory information regarding hardware installation or upgrade

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              Two utterly worthless posts....


              See my recent post here.....  What you both said is utter malarkey!

              I bought 3 different OEM computers, two with Intel's and one with Atheros (are they intel underneath?), and they all had/have dropping issues.


              This forum and so is the net is FULL of people with dropping issues on various cards, various systems, on primarily Win 8 and some Win 7.  So, trying to BLAME the OEM's or independent installs for the problems with these cards is bunk.  And don't blame the routers either.  People are using standard routers, for which many other computers have no problems with, and for years even with some, so it's clearly a fault with the Intel cards.  Yes, the router is likely related, but it's a fault in the cards that's making them not work with standard routers as they should.


              So Intel.... Please fix this problem!

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                dell7720: My thinkpad T510 and HMW.7260, have been running without problems under win 7 with the Intel drivers (no PROSet utilities; deleted all prior versions before installing new driver) for over two months now. I also have an RT-AC66 router (WPA2-PSK). I recommend that clear the router/NVRAM (which will require that you reconfigure it) if you haven't already done so. Which driver version are you using?


                Intel has confirmed that they are having problems with many of their wireless cards and win8.

                Intel is aware of end-user reports of connection instability (connection drops, applications hang, etc.) with certain wireless adapters using 15.x software with Windows 8 operating system. A software release is planned to support additional wireless adapters. This release is expected by the end of Q4.


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                  What do the "pro-set utilities" do anyway?


                  Also, how did you delete all previous versions?

                  One can't delete the OS versions I'm guessing?


                  BTW, is it normal for when installing the non-proset version, driver only that it just runs, and then stops and apparently it's updated?  I find it weird that when clicking to install the driver you just see a wireless pic thing, goes round and round and then it just stops.  Is that normal?

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                    Proset software allows the use of many features of the WiFi adapter such as creating a mobile hotspot in conjuction with My WiFi dashboard. It also allows Intel Wireless Display in conjuction with the WiDi software. There are other features in addition to these two but if you just basically need to connect to internet wirelessly, you can just install the "drivers only" installer (no proset stuff). All of the WiFi standards like 802.11 abgnac, 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz band will work without Proset software.


                    leeuniverse wrote:


                    What do the "pro-set utilities" do anyway?


                    Also, how did you delete all previous versions?

                    One can't delete the OS versions I'm guessing?


                    BTW, is it normal for when installing the non-proset version, driver only that it just runs, and then stops and apparently it's updated?  I find it weird that when clicking to install the driver you just see a wireless pic thing, goes round and round and then it just stops.  Is that normal?


                    As for deleting the previous versions, you have to check "also delete driver software" during uninstallation of the WiFi adapter device. It's true that one can't delete the onboard drivers provided by Microsoft.


                    To answer your last question, it's normal for that spinning blue LED lights to disappear after awhile when it's done installing. It's not like the proset version where it gives a message saying installation finished. Your drivers are automatically updated to the version you're installing after that.


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                      Alright....  Finally have "sort of" solved this thing.


                      1. Set 802.11n channel width for band 2.4mhz to - AUTO

                      2. Set Roaming Aggressiveness to - HIGHEST

                      3. The wireless has been now connecting to 802.11g "g" not "n", and I've had perfect connection.


                      Clearly 802.11n "n" is the problem....  Now, it could be that my router is simply selecting "g" for the moment, I don't know, there isn't a setting in Advanced for disabling 802.11n in the 7260.


                      Anyone know how to disable the "n" in the 7260?

                      Did setting the "Auto" above simply make it connect to the best network?

                      I've set these settings before and they did nothing.  Of course, I was still connecting to the "n" network, not "g" so I'm guessing the "n" network is the problem with certain routers and intel and otherwise cards especially on Win8 (some also apparently on Win7 depending on driver).


                      I need to know how to disable the "n" on my end just in case the router and laptop decides to connect to the "n" network again.  I can disable through the router, telling it to only use the "b & g" networks, but if this happens in the future like if I travel, or if my roommate who's a jerk decides to change the box login (he doesn't know I've went in, and not telling him because he is a jerk (long story) ), I need to be able to stop my computer using the "n" network.


                      Anyway, I've confirmed, tested 2 hours now, it's working, not a single noticed drop.  But, this is only a workaround, I guess I'm loosing internet speed/strength by not connecting to the "n" network?


                      So INTEL.....  Please fix whatever is wrong with your "n" network connection and certain mainstream routers.

                      Again, I'm on a CenturyLink router now.


                      Also, I'm using the default Microsoft driver  although, I don't think it matters which I use, since it's clearly the "802.11n" that is at issue, so as long as I don't connect with that, I'm good.


                      UPDATE.....  Installed "InSSIDer for Home" Wireless monitor and it's saying I'm connected to "n" not "g"???

                      Or is that just telling me what my router is capable of?  I don't think so right???  Doesn't make sense, Windows in Task Manager is telling me I'm connected to "g"?

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                        Please note that the statement posted here https://communities.intel.com/community/tech/wireless is in regard of other wireless products explicitly mentioned within the statement.


                        The Intel® 7260 wireless products are completely different architecture and therefore the cause of the issue is different. You may consider the following recommendations:


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                          I kind of have similar issue with 2.4 band only.I'm using Netgear R6250 and sense I introduced 7260 ac adapter to my network I'm getting a very slow throughput on 2.4 band and it does effect other laptops on the network. I have 30/5 mbps cable so when I connect on 5 ghz band I would get full speed both direction, but on 2.4 ghz band I would be lucky with 2-3mbps down, but the upload speed is 5. That is very interesting. I still believe it's intel card drivers issue, because if I turn off laptop with 7260ac card and reboot my R6250 router(have to) the whole network becomes a life again.

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                            Joe Intel.... spare me....


                            I've spent 4 days and 5 hours a sleep a night strait on this issue just on this card alone, and this is an issue across various cards, more so yours, but others also, Atheros only other that I know, and killer, but I heard they have you under them.  Of course, that doesn't make sense because Atheros has killer?.


                            Anyway, With the 7260 the ONLY driver I can find to get to work is the Microsoft version the default of Win 8.1.

                            Even then, it connects to "g" ONLY and not "n" like it should, and on the 2.4Ghz I put to AUTO and on Roaming Aggressive I put HIGHEST.


                            Now, I also see, that your latest driver (one released just prior to 9/23/2013) has BOTH of those settings set the way I do, unfortunately you've done something else to it so it actually constantly disconnects the same as all other drivers.  In other words, it's flawed.


                            I should note I also changed my Wireless Radio channel, and that also helped, but with auto or others it's would drop more.  As well, even this particular driver and setting isn't "flawless", it sometimes disconnects also, but just very briefly and rarely.  I've played will all settings of the Router, it's also updated, etc.  This is a mainstream ISP router, CenturyLink.


                            So, if you actually want to fix the issue that people are having, I would get that router, and start working on the problem.  Because I've had three different computers, three different cards, and two different card manufacturers all Win8, and it's the same issue.  Of course, my older laptops with XP and Win7 both work fine.


                            Also, it's not simply the "n" that's at issue, because other drivers even at "g" the dropping still occurs.

                            But, at least I have some connectivity now, having found a driver that "mostly" works.


                            Anyway, if you guys want to actually fix the problem, instead of having the same problem for A YEAR, please get that router, and learn what it is about that router that is causing this problem to occur.  After all, if it occurs with three different cards etc. then it's a very good test subject.


                            I'd be happy to get you the exact model if you like....  if Intel is "real" about fixing this serious problem with the latest wireless cards, Win8 and certain routers.  But, I won't hold my breath.

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                              Where do you see 9/23 drivers? I'm willing to try it. I'm running 8/29

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                                I said "before" 9/23....  I couldn't remember the version # so I said that instead.  That one or close to it is the last if I recall.


                                Again though, my issue only works with the earlier version, changing some settings and changing the radio freq/channel to one less used.

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                                  Can you confirm this on 2.4 band? 5 band seems to work ok(not great)?


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                                    Leo & Lee,

                                    These two links may be of interest to you:

                                    Intel� Wi-Fi Products — Power save polling (PSP) causes connection issues with access points

                                    Intel� Wi-Fi Products — Wi-Fi client adapter connection and roaming behavior

                                    I am no expert, but it seems counter intuitive to set the roaming to aggressive. From the Intel explanations it seems that the roaming aggressiveness should be set to the lowest level possible in one router environments. If you live in an apartment or house with many nearby routers it may be that they are making it more difficult for your 7260 to choose.


                                    Using inSSIDer to identify the other routers can help you select the best channel.


                                    Are you also aware that 2.4Ghz signals penetrate physical barriers (like walls) better than 5Ghz? From I what I can tell, to achieve the highest AC speeds you want an unobstructed path between your router and 7260. If you have a lot of walls and other interference (e.g. heating ducts, wiring), you may want to move your router or switch to the lower frequency. Unless you have a very high speed internet connection or continually transfer lots of data or video the non-AC speeds should be adequate.


                                    Of course, the Intel wireless drivers for WIN 8 are innately problematic; it may be that until Intel fixes them there will always be problems--which is sad and disappointing (and why I am in no rush to go to Win8).


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