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    OVERSCAN, try fix it with H/V sliders but screen is blurry (interpolated)


      Hi guys,

      i bought new NUC DC3217IYE last week. I have latest BIOS ver.:0042 and latest HD4000 graphic driver.


      I have problem with overscan (my TV doesnt have 1:1 mapping, only 16:9 with overscan.).

      My old PC with ATI Radeon have in driver menu overscan correction option, after apllying it, screen was sharp and clear!! like 1:1 mapping.


      But with NUC it doesnt works! I can see horizontal and vertical sliders, if I correct it with this, size is OK, but screen is blurry, like interpolated, text is fuzzy and hard to read. I tryed every combination of H/V sliders (from 80-100%) without success = still blurry image.


      Is thery any option which could help me?


      Thanks for any help!