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    SSD 24 GB....how to use it ??!! (windows 8)


      I have just bought samsung ultrabook series 5 with 1 tera hard disk and 24 GB SSD.

      when i open my computer i see only my 1 tera HD but i can't see my SSD.

      i want to know:

      1- how to use my SSD 24 GB to get the advantage of the SSD ??

      2- can i install windows 8 in such storage (24 GB) ??

      3- generally, what is the advantage of having SSD 24 GB ??!!....i can't see/use/feel it !!


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          Hello Fatehy, It may be helpful to explain further: Is the 24GB SSD not visible in Windows* Explorer, Disk Management, or BIOS?


          I assume the SSD is only being recognized in BIOS and Windows* Disk Management and due to the limited capacity (24GB) and the fact that you have an Ultrabook* system it is probably being used for an acceleration technology. If this assumption is correct the system manufacturer has already setup the SSD in order to accelerate the data transfer from the mechanical drive (1TB) and due to this limited SSD capacity is restricted to such usage, if this is correct, it is usually normal for the drive not to appear in Windows* Explorer. Please confirm with the system manufacturer if your computer includes an acceleration technology such as: Intel® Smart Response or Intel® Rapid Start technologies.


          In the unlikely scenario that it is not detected in any of the above, not even in BIOS, the SSD might be defective and you may need to contact the system manufacturer for further assistance.

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            Dear joe, thank you very much for your helpful answer but i still have some questions if you haven't mind.

            yes, i can see the 24gb SSD in the disk management as you see in the attached photo but i think it's not appear in the BIOS.

            these are the specs of my laptop http://www.samsung.com/sg/consumer/pc-peripherals-printer/notebook-pc/ultra-portable/NP530U4C-S02SG

            It was written that (ExpressCache 24GB), i searched in my system information and found that its type is is (24GB SanDisk i100 SSD)

            how to know if it working properly or not ? can i check it

            how to know if my ScanDisk 24 GB supports Rapid Start technologies or not ?


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              Thank you for providing your system information. If the SSD appears in Disk Management it also has to appear in BIOS somewhere. I believe that it should not be a concern because as you see Windows* detects it.


              I did a quick search about ExpressCache* and found that this technology is a system manufacturer’s implementation (as per link below).




              In this case I would recommend contacting your system manufacturer in order to address your questions to them. However, as this is an Ultrabook system, such technology most likely should have been already implemented from factory.


              NOTE: These links are being offered for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Intel of the content, products, or services offered there.

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                Dear joe, thank u very much for your helpful reply.

                i already found software in my laptop called settings and i saw my express cache working.

                i think it's working automatically without any interference.

                thanks a lot.