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    Intel SSD 530 startup problems - Bug in SSD?


      I just bought an Intel SSD 530 240GB to replace my Intel SSD510 for my HP Elitebook 8460p.


      When i cold-start my computer everything is fine, but when I restart my computer from within a freshly installed windows-7, the drive is not found.


      If i turn off the computer and start it again, the drive is found and boots up again as usual. So the drive fails after reset.


      I have upgraded the firmware of the SSD to the latest version via the SSD toolbox but still no luck. also updated laptop bios to latest version.


      I had no problems in the past with the Intel SSD 510 edition.

      Any ideas on what to do?




      So, when I insert my Intel 510 SSD and start windows and restart windows it works without problem. But with the Intel 530 it wails when I do restart, the BIOS does not find it after a normal reset. So that must conclude that the Intel SSD 530 has some bug? or is sensitive to some timing issue?


      Should I return it? or just assume its incompatible with my laptop?


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          Hello niklas,


          I am sorry for the issue you encountered.


          In order to clarify the issue the best recommendation will be testing the Intel® SSD 530 in a different computer.


          Usually OEM BIOS are limited but perhaps you may find the way to disable Fast Boot or enable/increase Hard disk Pre-delay and see if it makes a difference.


          I hope the suggestions help.

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            I am having the exact same problem!  I just installed the 180 GB 530 Series a couple of days ago.  It is the second drive.  The first drive is an Intel X-25M 160 GB. That one always works perfectly, even after restarts.  But this new drive will NOT be found in BIOS after a restart.  However, it is always found after a complete shutdown and cold reboot.  I have it in an Asus G73jh laptop with SATA II  When the drive is found, it functions perfectly, and diagnostics (using Intel SSD toolbox) returns no errors.  This drive was updated to DC12 firmware version.  My laptop does not have an option in BIOS for fast boot or Hard disk pre-delay.  Can the SSD BIOS be fixed, or do we need to return these to the vendor?

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              I have decided to not fight this SSD bug because I don't find any solution to this and I hope it is some specific issue with just my computer. I will try it in a different computer and hope it works better there. not worth the time fighting!


              Its a shame that these kind of bugs still occurs. If you do find some solution, feel free to post here!

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                I can confirm that this problem also occur in our businnes. We have previously used the 520-series with no problem. When started using the 530-series all the computer that uses this disk cannot reboot, but be turned off completely.

                We have standarized on HP laptops and I have changed to 530-Series on several models. All have the latest BIOS and SSD firmware. Fast Boot or enable/increase Hard disk Pre-delay is not available in BIOS on these computers.

                A fix would be appreciated.

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                  Joe, seems to be a problem that many has!


                  There's no settings that can be set inside the SSD to make it less demanding on the timing? or are there any new firmware coming soon?


                  My company wants to standardize on Intel SSD's and HP Elitebooks due to the good experience with the X25 and Intel 510 in the past, but this error with the 530 I am in doubt if I dare to go forward or if I should try Samsung or some other vendor instead.


                  I have disabled fastboot and  don't have any other options to set when it comes to delays....

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                    Hello all. The Intel ® SSD 530 passed all of our internal restart tests but we did not test with an HP Elitebook 8460p or ASUS G73JH.  It is possible that the problem is specific to these models of laptop.  We will attempt to reproduce this issue, but you should check with HP and ASUS for possible solutions. We will update this thread when more information is available.


                    Anstein, would you please provide the HP model affected with the issue in your business?

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                      OK, Joe.  I have posted the question on the Asus Forum.

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                        I can confirm that we have exactly the same issue.

                        This is on ours HP Elitebook 8560P notebooks, we have been using Intel SSD 320 without issues before.

                        But with the 530 when restarting no disk is found, cold boot works.

                        Using latest BIOS, firmware etc.

                        Its is hard for me to believe it is a HP issue, i'm leaning towards SSD firmware issue.

                        Best Regards


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                          Hello Joe ...


                          I have a new HP Probook 450. I have replaced the original 1 TB HDD with an 240 GB Intel 530 series SSD. I used Intel migration SW. I have also updated bios, FW and SSD driver too.


                          But after restarting no disk is found, Windows does not start ...  cold boot works.

                          Have tried everything ...

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                            I have replaced with this SSD on several HP Elitebook 8440p and HP Elitebook 8460p, all with the same problem. I am going to try installing it in a desktop computer as well to see if this is related to Laptop functionality. I'll report back when this is done.

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                              There was some bad blocks were found in my M4 SSD 256GB. One of my friends told me that Intel 530 SSD 240GB is good as a replacement to solve those problems.


                              After I installed the SSD and recovery the Win7, I couldn't get any idea but the system restart always failed.  Afterwards, I found that the x220 cannot find the SSD after the Win7 restarts, and the BIOS shows no SATA disks, even I pressed alt-ctrl-delete many times. After I pressed the power button to turn off the x220 and turned on the x220 again, it booted successfully.


                              There are no new firmware updated in Lenovo for me to fix this problem and I need help ASAP, please.

                              Solid State Drive firmware update utility (Bootable ISO) - ThinkPad

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                                Hi again. I have now installed the SSD on a HP Elite 8200 desktop computer. I had no problem what so ever on this. I tried to disable a lot of the security features in the BIOS on the laptop to see if there was a connection, but no luck.

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                                  Hi all,


                                  I've got the same issue with soft restarts for the HP Folio 9470m. The Intel 530 SSD becomes undetectable.


                                  Some more details below using Windows 7 Enterprise x64.


                                  Dell Latitude 6230 - Works

                                  HP Workstation Z210 - Works

                                  HP Folio 9470m - Hard reboots work, but soft reboots do not


                                  I also tried the firmwares F.44 and F.46 on the 9470m but the same results. Please let me know what I can do to solve this issue. And all five of the Intel 530 SSD I have do this, and I don't want to refund them...

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                                    Thanks to all for the information.  We are actively trying to recreate this issue.  We will update the thread as we have additional information.


                                    Billyray, is there any response to your post on the ASUS forum?

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