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    4th gen 4770k CPU - Faulty memory controller


      Hi guys,

      I want to share with you my BAD experience with 4th gen 4770k CPU from Intel.

      I'm an IT technician and I work with Intel products from about 5 years without any issue.

      Unfortunatly, the previous month our company bought a 4770k CPU for an enthusiast build, the CPU for 2 weeks worked without issues then boot with only 1 memory stick inserted.

      Any try to boot with 2 or plus memory sticks will result in a NO-POST (even tried with various motherboards).


      I've contacted the support team and they opened for a Standard Replacement, then I've sent the damaged product.


      Today I've been contacted by a support EMEA representative and he told me the CPU has been COUNTERFEITED!!!!


      With surprise, I've asked what type of counterfeiting my CPU have but he cannot told me anything more.

      I'm very disappointed and I hope to resolve this strange issue.