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    BIOS memory error on DQ77KB



      I have a DQ77KB mother board with intel i3 3220T processor.


      I have update the BIOS to v52. After the upgrade, I have reboot, check the BIOS and reboot again.

      Now, I have a black screen with 3 long beeps (memory error) and impossible to boot.


      The memory is OK, I have test it with an other safe memory module and I have the same problem.


      I can't go in the BIOS setup, the screen is black before. I have try to reinstall BIOS this "F7", and also to restore it with the BIOS jumper.

      I have also try to "clean" the BIOS : unplug all cable, remove the BIOS battery, wait 30 minutes. The problem still the same.


      I think the BIOS is corrupted but I don't know how to restore a clean BIOS. If you have any idea...


      Best regard,


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          Hello Stephane_D,


          Do you remember which was the BIOS version installed before you updated it to the latest one (0052)?  We can try doing a BIOS recovery installing the previous version.


          These are some recommendations for this issue:



          If all this troubleshooting does not resolved the problem, I recommend you get in touch with our Warranty Department so they can help you to replace the unit: http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/contactsupport



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            Hello Sylvia,


            I have try all this method, all will try again them just in case.

            I'm sorry but I don't remember the previous version, I think it was the v38 but I'm not sure at all.

            If it's can't help, I have upgrade because I did't seen any option to go on the MEBX menu (with Ctrl+P).


            Thank you for your help even if I was dreaming about a magical solution to solve that.




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              Stephane, you may want to perform something else before replacing the motherboard,

              • Please download BIOS version 0038 (.bio file) save it on an empty flash drive.
              • Remove all hard drives, optical drives and leave only 1 memory stick.
              • Remove the BIOS jumper while the system is off.
              • Plug the flash drive and turn on the system.  You may be able to see the screen while the BIOS is being update, if not, please wait for a few minutes.


              Please let me know.