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    Problem updating HD 4600 Drivers


      iverok so ive spent the last 2 days trying to solve this problem with no improvements. I want to run 2 monitors off onboard graphics until the dedicated card I want is released. I installed windows 8 pro and the mobo screen and the welcome screen is on one monitor but as soon as it starts to load the start screen and windows that monitor loses its signal and the second monitor is the only one being detected. I thought I just needed to update the drivers so I did that and it worked, both monitors were being detected and I could use them, everything was good. BUT when I reboot or shut down when I start back up its like I never even installed the drivers. The device manager shows that I have the latest drivers but the monitor isn't detected after the welcome screen. I re run the installation application and the drivers work, both monitors are alive and well until I restart my computer, its driving me crazy trying to figure this out, ive re installed windows 8 countless times and I even tried windows 7 and had the same problem on all of them. ive started it up in safe mode and uninstalled the driver and reinstalled the driver, I read some thread that said updating the SSD firmware might help so I did that with no solution. I called Intel support and MSI support and they said they haven't seen this issue before... Help me please T_T


      below are the system specs.


      Intel i7-4770k

      MSI Z87 Mpower

      16 gig 1866 Corsair Dominator platinum

      256 Samsung 840 Pro SSD
      1 tb wd storage drive

      creative sound blaster fatal1ty champion sound card
      (when its released-MSI GTX 780 Lightning)
      PC power & cooling silencer mkIII 1200 W