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    Desktop Board DH87RL and USB Keyboard


      Hi Intel Support Community,


      I recently bought a Desktop Board DH87RL to build a new pc. This mainboard has only usb ports (none PS/2). I use a USB keyboard, but an issue exists:

      1. Turn On the pc.

      2. BIOS splash is shown (I have a couple seconds to press functions keys to activate BIOS, Boot Device Menu, after that (3-5 secs) and though BIOS splash continues visible the usb keyboard doesn't respond until SO loads, it prevents me activate and use F8 SO Menu (Safe mode, Repair etc.) and other DOS pre-load SO notification screens.

           2.1 In BIOS, keyboard and mouse work fine.

      3. After SO has loaded keyboard and mouse work fine, too.


      I tested using Genius and HP usb keyboards with identical behaviour.

      eThanks in advance for your help