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    Need to swap out SCM ...

    Robin Imperati

      ssWe have an Intel Modular Server, Model MFSYS25V2 and I will be replacing the SCM for this unit on Tuesday Morning and have a couple of questions:


      1)  Once our virtual Network servers are shut down, I was told that I need to go into the Modular Server Control web page and shut down the Servers under system.  If our Virtual Network servers are shut down, how will I be able to get to the Modular Server Control web page?  will I still be able to access it through the ip address of 


      2) Once the swap is made and I power up the Modular Server how do I get to the Modular Server Control Web page to start the servers again?  The answer to question one most likely answer this question but I do want to ask just in case it is different. 


      I was assuming that once the Intel Modular Server was powered up the servers would power up as well however when I was talking to the tech support person the other day he told me the steps to take to swap out the SCM.  I was not thinking about once the virtual servers were powered off how do I get into the Modular Server Control web page to ask him this question and today is Sunday they are not there to answer the question and I would like to swap out the SCM tomorrow morning. 


      a little information that might help out on answering the questions:

      we have 2 domain controllers.  DNS set up on them.

      SonicWall router DHCP and gateway set up on this unit.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

      As Always, thanks,