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    DH61AG | new gen. Bios 105 breaks TV Card recognise


      We are developing digital Signage Systems using the DH61AG. Since 2 Years we are build System with the
      same HW.


      On two of my test systems Installed the new Bios gen 105. (Update from old gen 45 to 99 transition,104,105).

      Since that day the bios has problems to recognize and initialize the TV Tuner Card stable. some time it
      works, sometimes the card is not detected and not visible in the Bios. it’s a try and error game with power on / off


      Both system where in the lab for over 1 year without any problem detecting the PCI-E Tuner Card (heavy daily use)we didn’t touch the HW from

      the system for over one year, only the bios update was done. since that, I observe on both system the same behavior.

      it is not the Tuner HW Card, its definably some changes in the Bios.


      Unfortunately  it’s not possible to downgrade to 45 Bios Version, so the system are broken at the moment.


      Does any one else run into this issue ?


      Intel please help and fix it in the next Bios.  (106 ?)



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