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    NUC BIOS power on options


      Hi, I'm from Australia, there is not many locations to access a hands on of a NUC to inspect it's compatibility for implementation of solutions.


      I was wondering if someone who already has one can answer a quick question for me.


      What power on options and shutdown options are available within the bios?


      some bios / devices, allow to set time based power on and power off activation states. this works well for digital signage solutions.

      previously I had used old PC's with resume power on after power interruption, combined with timer based power adapters, although most of these adapters don't work well, and are not time accurate, and also can force the machine off without a proper shutdown, putting the OS at risk.


      I had hoped to control this functionality through replacing my current systems with NUC's.

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          Freddy Gonzalez

          The following are the options that you will see under the power tab in the BIOS:


          Intel(R) Dynamic power technology

          Enhanced Intel(R) SpeedStep(R) Technology

          Processor Power Efficiency Policy

          OS ACPI C2 Report

          OS ACPI C3 Report

          Intel(R) Rapid Start Technology

          Hibernation Timer

          Intel(R) Smart Connect Technology

          After Power Failure

          Deep S4/S5

          Wake on LAN from S4/S5

          S3 State indicator

          Wake System from S5

          Wakeup Date

          Wakeup Hour

          Wakeup Minute

          Wakeup Second

          PCIe ASPM Support

          Native ACPI OS PCIe Support

          Flash Update Sleep Delay